Interactive Online Workshop for Parents

Parenting Revolution

Revolutionize your parenting. Transform your child's behavior. Reinforce your relationship.

This will be my ONLY free workshop in 2023

2 Chances to Attend (pick your fave)!

Sunday, March 5th: 7pm MTN
Monday, March 6th: Noon MTN

What is revolutionary parenting?

In a nutshell, anything that is not our default mode is a revolution. We come to parenthood with half a lifetime of messages and experiences under our belts. We also bring along our unique personalities, with all their flaws and foibles. What's revolutionary is actually looking at that. It is revolutionary to see that default is optional and it's revolutionary to learn how to DO something about it.

For most of us, intentional, intelligent, and humble parenting is revolutionary. 

Why Do We Need a Revolution?

For so many of us, conventional parenting - the parenting passed down to us from our own childhood and the world around us - is failing us. It tells us we should have all the answers, control and overpower our kids, fixate on their behavior instead of their personhood, and sacrifice ourselves to our families in body, spirit and mind. It is soul-crushing, deteriorates relationships, and most importantly, IT DOESN'T WORK! 

Children's behavior AND wellness improve so much with a relationship-based, compassionate and accountable approach to parenting, and this is something most of us were never taught. We need a revolution in our parenting to make it happen. 

Out with the old, in with the new!

Conventional parenting teaches some great stuff (kids playing outside by themselves? Yes, please!) but "old-school" parenting can also say:

  • It’s our job to make kids do right.
  • Pushover or tyrant - you must choose one. 
  • Your child’s struggle is your fault, and your struggle is theirs (codependency, anyone?)
  • When things aren’t great, choose shame or blame.
  • Everyone else can do this - what's wrong with you?
  • Appearances matter. Good behavior = it's all good.

What if strong relationships and life lessons improve behavior more than all the punishments and pleading in the world? 

Sunday, March 5: 7pm MTN
Monday, March 6th: noon MTN

What did childhood teach you about parenting?

No matter how great or terrible our childhoods were, we have all absorbed messages about parenting and many of us feel driven to break away from that messaging. We inherit a legacy passed down through generations, and we have the choice to make our parenting so much more than that legacy alone. Whether the cycle you're trying to break is one of staying invisible, lashing out, blaming others, doubting yourself, or dumping emotions...

It's time to break the chain...

For our children.

For ourselves.

Sunday, March 5th: 7pm MTN
Monday, March 6th: noon MTN

In this Workshop You'll: 

  • See clearly (maybe for the first time ever) how we get sucked into old, crappy parenting patterns. 
  • Begin to break with your past, finally!
  • Create a new path forward with parenting that gets results AND honors your child.

What People Are Saying 

I came into this work knowing I'm a good mom, but there were clearly a lot of adjustments that were needed. Now, there is hardly any yelling in our home, and no conflict. There's a lot less lecturing and a lot more communicating. And there's a lot more hugging and affection that the kids initiate on their own! - Jen 

Everything with Ann is just so actionable, versus just enhancing my own knowledge base. - Johnna

I am so much better now at patience and peace with myself and with the kids. I would find that lost my patience quite easily with the kids and especially with repeated bad behaviors. Now I can approach the situation in a much more calm, neutral way. - Johnna

Hi, I'm Ann!

I'm a mother of 4, parent coach and still sane, believe it or not!

When I became a mom, I had no clue about parenting. I found myself losing my temper with kids who were out of control and driving me nuts! โ€‹After realizing I did NOT want a life of anger, misbehavior, and chaos, I turned myself and my family around in a big way. Now I help other moms do the same, and it's the best job ever!  

My business is based on the true and tricky fact that we are parents and individuals all at once.  The more we live and parent in alignment with our true selves, the better family dynamics we have and the happier we are. That's what my work is about and it's what I bring to my clients every day.