Interactive workshop for parents

Toddler Time

Loving your toddler through tantrums, power struggles, chaos and tears

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$19 (FREE for existing clients)

Wednesday November 17th, 12pm mountain time

Toddlers can break you

The tantrums, the messes, the chaos, the extreme emotions and feels like living with a tiny, tyrannical psycho sometimes!  It's so normal to lose yourself in the rollercoaster and intensity of toddlerhood.  And when we do, we end up yelling, angry and arguing with a little kid - quite possible the worst feeling in the world, right? 

'Toddler Time' is a workshop to help you learn skills for the classic challenges of toddlerhood AND how to handle the emotions that come up in parenting these funny, maddening little creatures we call toddlers.

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Can't I just spank him?

When my first kid was a toddler, I wasn't ready for a child with zero interest in listening to me, or even in making choices that would keep him alive (like not eating goose sh*t or not climbing on the hearth, for example).  

I had no clue how to parent, OR how to figure it out. I remember asking the pediatrician at a checkup, “Can I just spank him?” I literally didn’t know what else to do! 

Now I recognize myself in almost every parent of toddlers who comes to me.  The overwhelm and confusion, not knowing what to do, falling short and getting overcome by emotions when kids misbehave...I know it well. 

If you are struggling with parenting your toddler, you are NOT alone and this workshop will help.

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Toddlerhood is about change...for PARENTS!

Tantrums, arguments, butting heads, whining...

Why does toddlerhood create these dynamics more than any other age? Partly because kids' brains are changing, yes.  But, just as important is the the change that WE are NOT making - just yesterday they truly were helpless...and now they are playing us like fiddles.  Our outlook on them hasn’t caught up to reality!

Toddler Time will help you see your toddler as they are right now - ready for you to step back so they can step up!

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In this Workshop You'll Learn: 

  • How to step back so your kid can step up!
  • Our biggest mistakes that get in our kids way!
  • What to do about misbehavior: tantrums, power struggles, not listening, risky behavior...
  • Getting kids to be helpful, no matter how old they are!
  • Staying calm when kids are crazy

  • Using natural consequences instead of punishments

What People Are Saying 

"I came into this work knowing I'm a good mom, but there were clearly a lot of adjustments that were needed.  Now, there is hardly any yelling in our home, and no conflict.  There's a lot less lecturing and a lot more communicating. And there's a lot more hugging and affection that the kids initiate on their own!" - Jen 


"Everything with Ann is just so actionable, versus just enhancing my own knowledge base." - Johnna


"I am so much better now at patience and peace with myself and with the kids. I would find that lost my patience quite easily with the kids and especially with repeated bad behaviors. Now I can approach the situation in a much more calm, neutral way." - Johnna

Hi, I'm Ann!

I'm a mother of 4, parent coach and still sane, believe it or not!

When I became a mom, I had no clue about parenting. I found myself losing my temper with kids who were out of control and driving me nuts! โ€‹After realizing I did NOT want life of anger, misbehavior & chaos, I turned myself and my family around in a big way. Now I help other moms do the same, and it's the best job ever!  

My business is based on the true and tricky fact that we are parents and individuals all at once.  The more we live and parent in alignment with our true selves, the better family dynamics we have and the happier we are. That's what my work is about and it's what I bring to my clients every day.