Ann Kaplan Parent Coach Testimonials

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“Ann is great! She is very gifted in being able to hear people's parenting issues, which sometimes also relate to marriage or divorce issues, and to provide great insights to help people work toward healthier and more productive relationships. Life can be hard sometimes, and we all want the best for our children. The combination of Ann's expertise and how much she obviously cares about her clients make her truly special to work with.” - Dave

"Neil & I signed up for a couples parent coaching course with Ann Kaplan, Parent Coach, in Nov 2020. Almost 2 years now & our entire world has changed in so many amazing ways.

The kids have grown & matured as they do with time…but Neil & I have also done the same. We are a united front & have a parenting “game plan.” We stay as neutral as possible with empathy & love. We stick to our word & set clear boundaries. Knowing we have Ann to turn to when we need her is incredibly reassuring.

During our initial meeting with Ann, I remember feeling beyond desperate. I didn’t enjoy being with my daughter. She was hard & whiny & never cuddly. I felt completely stuck.

Within the last 6 months or so, things have changed drastically for her & I. She is cuddly & loving. She loves spending time with me & I feel the same. When she’s asked to do something, she does it - 9 times out of 10 - without arguing or whining. That was unheard of before.

Doing the hard work upfront & really dedicating yourself to it is beyond worth it. As hard as it may seem at the time, teaching your kids through natural consequences, letting them fail & learn to rebuild & self-soothe, and being an empathic & neutral parent is so much work…..but it’s exactly what needs to be done to help guide these little people through this world." - Elizabeth

"I joined group coaching in May 2021 and our entire family dynamic has changed. Weekly coaching has positively impacted my relationship with my 4 children, husband, and all those around me. Ann has taught me to deal with some very overwhelming situations with neutrality and given me so many tools for future work. I am so grateful for her support and wish I would have joined a long time ago!!" - K.

"My first call with Ann was really hard, but in a great way. I had been talking to my kids therapists here and there but did not feel like therapy was what I needed. I had been receiving emails from Ann's company for quite a while (not even sure how we got on her email list as my husband gets them too!) So I decided to do a "discovery" call with Ann. She listened and reflected back to me and was super honest. She explained the coaching options she provides....either individual (one to one), couples or a group. I chose the group in January of this year. I have found Ann to continue to be honest, reflective and amazing at asking the questions that we don't want to answer because this is where the work really happens! It's not almost September and I am in for the long haul! The group option has been a great arena for support during good and bad times and I am forever grateful for Ann and the rest of the ladies who are doing this work." - Melissa 

"Working with Ann has helped me work through struggles with my kids' behavior and how I react." - Kate