Are you parenting in an echo chamber?

Feb 17, 2020

Over the years, the universe has repeatedly taught me, in increasingly harsh ways, the lesson that I need a team. When I deal with a problem on my own, I get stuck in a feedback loop and just come up with different versions of the same bad idea that already isn't working. My best solutions come to me when I bounce them off of other wise people. This is true in my business, my parenting, my relationships, and even in the way I run my home...and each time I hop on a call with a struggling mom, I see the same pattern playing out for her too, which brings me to the second great lesson I've learned: my needs and issues aren't that weird; most of us moms are in the same boat.

Human beings are tribal creatures; we were never meant to parent in isolation. Hanging out in your own echo chamber, beating your head against the wall dealing with whatever new torture your child has cooked up for you, NEVER works. Even the most introverted of introverts needs a sounding board; otherwise we can't think our way out of a paper bag.


Why? Because whatever solution you're using now is a result of the thoughts, perspectives, emotions and beliefs you started with. Unless you cook with some new ingredients, you're going to bake the same crap-cake every time.

Recognizing the real value of leaving my echo chamber has been profound. I used to see the money I spent on a coach or a therapist as necessary compensation for a weakness I had. What was the matter with me that I couldn't make it through life without professional help?! But knowing that we ALL need a team, watching myself thrive with mine, and seeing my clients' lives transform with support, has made me PROUD of my investment in myself.

I am embracing the biological reality of being a mother and a human, which allows me to experience the best version of myself, my family, and my business. AND, seeing how different my life became after investing in support, inspired me to do the same for other moms.


The magic of working with me, far beyond the discipline and communication skills I teach, is having someone highly skilled and experienced on your team. It's HARD to find a new approach to a stubborn potty trainer, a creative solution to make mornings run smoothly, or an effective consequence for backtalk, when you're on your own. Working with me is not about having someone tell you the right answer; it's about giving you new perspective and inspiration to discover it on your own.


If you are struggling in motherhood, and judging yourself for it, I'm here to tell you that NO ONE can do this job alone. You are so normal, and motherhood doesn't have to be hard or isolating. Challenge yourself to embrace your human need for collaboration and community, and feel proud of yourself for it!


I am talking to mothers now who are ready to start working with me in March to make change in their families. If that sounds like you, book a free breakthrough session with me. We'll talk about what's challenging you and your family, and make a plan for getting you where you want to be. This is a big step toward getting out of your echo chamber, seeing that you're in the same boat as some pretty incredible women, and finding your way to new solutions and approaches that will transform you and your family.