Are you parenting to persuade & convince, or to teach & guide?

Jan 19, 2021

Last week I got a question from a mom named Laura.  “My kids are so rebellious around bedtime. They don’t want to go to bed! They refuse to get ready and they run around the house. I’ve tried making it fun, playing music, giving warnings, moving bedtimes... nothing works! How can I get them to go to bed without a fight?”

Laura is stuck because she is focusing on persuading her kids to be compliant instead of giving them experiences that teach them to make different choices.   Persuasive parenting creates a bedtime that looks like mom tying herself in knots to convince everyone to get ready, and then feeling frustrated and defeated when bedtime takes 2 hours, everyone is crying and everyone needs a drink!

One of the first things my clients learn in TRIBE is that children learn from experiences, plain and simple. If we want our kids to learn, we need to give them experiences using natural consequences.  Anything other than this will only prolong and worsen misbehavior. 

Guess what? Even after moms learn about experiences and natural consequences, they still fall into the persuasive parenting trap. I help them recognize and get out of that trap in TRIBE coaching calls. Through coaching, they can see WHY they resort to persuasive parenting.  It may be because giving consequences makes them feel like they’ve messed up, or because they hate to feel like the ‘mean mommy.’  The ‘why’ varies for every mom, but one thing is certain - exploring ‘why’ is the key to avoiding parenting traps.

This is why TRIBE is awesome. You learn incredible parenting skills, AND you get coaching to remove anything standing in the way of using them with your children. The result? Children’s behavior improves quickly (most people see change within the first week!) and mom’s stress level drops overnight.  The mind drama falls away, the parenting tools are right there, you just do it, and it works. Simple. Easy. Freaking Finally!!!

If you are ready to turn your child’s behavior around FAST and get back to actually enjoying your life and your kid, what are you waiting for?  I am offering a 10% discount only until January 25th. Join today and get immediate access to your course and the group. Live coaching begins next week and I want to see your shining face there with me!!!  Use promo code TRIBENOW.

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P.S. Curious about TRIBE, but have a few questions? I'm doing a live Q&A to help you decide if it's right for you, on Thursday the 21st at 7pm mountain time. Log in to our call here (Meeting ID: 215 247 616 Passcode: 559518).