Beating yourself up over parenting mistakes? Read this!

Dec 29, 2020

Hey Mama,

We moms are so good at beating ourselves up over our parenting!  What would you say if I told you that we kind of LIKE doing it? It's true! A lot of us think we’re doing our kids a favor by being self-critical.

Many of us have an inner critic that believes we are screwing up as moms, and that facing this is how we protect our kids from our mistakes. Deep down, we think remembering our terrible-ness makes us better parents.  If you have a parenting mantra something like, "If I'm hyper-critical of myself, I'll minimize my screw-ups. It's good for my kids when I’m down on myself," you are not alone!  No wonder we cling to our inner critic for dear life! 


Unfortunately, this self-flagellation leads us to take on our kids' struggles and feel responsible for their happiness, making our parenting totally ineffective.  Until we REALLY accept that guilt is not serving us, we will stay trapped in a cycle of criticizing ourselves, feeling awful about our mistakes, and not showing up for our kids the way we want to.

If you find yourself consumed with guilt and shame about your parenting mistakes, if you’re trying so hard to be better but can’t seem to break your bad habits, I believe there's something deeper going on; it's not just about learning new discipline tools so that you can be better.

3 times in January I am leading a free webinar that does both: teaches new tools AND brings these deeper things to the surface. Plus, I’ll show you what to do about them! 

Break Free From Frustrated Parenting is an online workshop that covers:

  • Mistakes that guarantee misbehavior and fightingā€‹
  • Tools you can apply to ALL parenting challenges
  • Handling obstacles without yelling, anger or shame
  • ā€‹ā€‹Understanding and identifying tools to break your cycle of frustrated parenting!

Dropping our inner critic is the key to becoming the confident, happy and effective parent we all want to be. I encourage you to join me, uncover your 'something deeper' and kick your inner critic to the curb! Get more info and register here.