How to Break Generational Cycles

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How to Break Generational Cycles - Ann Kaplan Parent Coach

How to Break Generational Cycles

When I was around 4, my mom had me make a valentine for my dad, who was secretly recording the scene with his new Betamax (bonus points for back-calculating how super old I am from that reference 😉). In the video, my mom gets increasingly frustrated, trying to get me to stay on task, eventually yelling and cursing. Adorable family footage, amiright? 

As a young adult, I watched the video with my family. I was horrified, but my family was unfazed, even laughing! At that moment, many things became clear about my childhood and family. What’s more, I knew without any ambiguity the parent I wanted to be someday and that motherhood was an opportunity to write a new story for myself and my future kids.

Parenting is Bigger than Me!

For me, parenting is bigger than me because every moment in which I act from my Highest Self with my child makes my past a little more meaningful and a little less likely to play out the same for my kids and their kids, and on and on. 

Are you trying to give your child a different story than yours?

Do you feel your past beneath the surface as you parent, ready to replay itself if you let your guard down? It’s a lot to carry, friend. I know. 

And I help people like us all the time - those who understand on a visceral level that parenting is a big deal, that we CAN be cycle breakers, and that from our past, we have a chance to create something new and beautiful for our children. 

How do we break generational cycles and overcome a legacy of trauma, toxic parenting, and pain?

The answer is simply this: We overcome trauma and toxicity by coming to parenting, NOT toxic and traumatized. 

Simple, but not easy. It’s not about ‘do this; don’t do that.’ My clients create a lasting and radical pivot in their families’ trajectories by making a ferocious commitment to parent healed and whole. And they refuse to stop searching for, and giving themselves, what they need to make that possible. The ‘do this/don’t do that’ stuff flows from there. 

How do you fulfill that ferocious commitment?

Get f-ing help! We are kidding ourselves to think we can transcend the mire of our past alone. Give yourself the care and skills you need to be your Highest Self a little bit more, for a little bit longer, every day. I’m here to help you stay the course, teach you what you were never taught, encourage you to practice until you get it right, and love the crap out of you every step of the way. 

If you’re ready for this step, I’m ready for you. We start with a Discovery Call where you share about your family, your struggles, and your vision. I’m there to listen, offer my insight on what will make a difference for you, and show you how we can work together. Book it today.

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