The Content Kids Consume - Yikes!

parent coach parenthood lessons parenting Nov 02, 2022

What to do when kids are consuming problematic 2 coaching secrets🤫!

In the coaching group, a mom shared about listening to a playlist with her daughter: 

“A song came on about partying, getting drunk, passing out... this stuff is a parent's worst fear, and I said so! I said I didn't want her listening to it and that consuming that stuff is not ok. This is about values - our media consumption influences us and is an extension of who we are. She got defensive and mad - she said she's a good kid, has been working on trust, and did nothing wrong. She kept saying, "this conversation is OVER!"

Oh, baby! Media drama is a coaching GOLDMINE!

Realistically, we can't stop kids from consuming uncomfortable content, and running into stuff we can’t control raises great questions

🤫Secret #1 - coaching is 90% asking questions 😉

Try these on:

  • If kids’ choices are about values, whose values? Who decides kids’ values? How do kids figure out values?
  • When content brings up fears, how effective or ethical is it to control kids in order to lessen that fear? What if we took complete responsibility for our fear?
  • How might exposure to art that contradicts our values actually be good?

🤫Secret #2 - Good parenting and good coaching follow Kahlil Gibran’s wise words:

“The teacher, if indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of their wisdom but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”

My questions helped this mom cross her threshold, and I invite you to do the same. Pretty soon, you’ll be helping your child to cross their own threshold.

Imagine a media conversation that allows you to share your feelings with responsibility, discuss your child’s thoughts about what media exposes them to, acknowledge their agency, and help them with future decisions. Heck Yeah!!!

Bottom line - we cannot make kids’ choices for them, but we get to be a part of their decision-making when we stay present and connected instead of controlling and fearful.

Curiosity Call

This is where I come in - it’s my job to ask those juicy questions, create space for you to explore your answers, and help you stay true to them even when it’s hard.

If you’re saying, “Hell Yes, I am so ready for this!” I am ready for YOU. Click HERE to set up a free Curiosity Call, and let’s go!