Dealing with kids' emotions

Sep 28, 2018

We have a dirty secret in our home. It's something I have tried to 'fix', change and resolve for many years. It's the fact that my daughter, Gigi is a sensitive, over-reactive, cry-baby (OMG I said it!!!). I prayed for a daughter with each of my 4 pregnancies, and when Gigi came along, I was over the moon with happiness and gratitude. I forgot, however, that sharing a gender with someone doesn't guarantee that you have anything else in common! And we don't, in fact. I am down-to-earth, Gigi is head-in-the-clouds. I'm goal-oriented and determined; Gigi is delicate and circuitous. Everything is stacked for us to just not get each other, and once she left early toddlerhood, that's pretty much how it's gone down.

I just can't understand why she cries at every little thing, and I often run out of patience with it loooong before she runs out of tears. Luckily, I have learned a lot about handling kids' emotions over the years and using those tools (when I remember!) makes a huge transformation in my relationship with Gigi, and in her ability to handle her own emotions. I hope you'll watch the videos in the group this week for my hints on how to help your kids handle their emotions (and how to handle them yourselves, too!). Spoiler alert: You're probably doing too much of the wrong thing and making it worse! Don't you hate it when that happens (especially in parenting!)?