What is Your DEFAULT Parenting Style?

parenthood lessons parenting parenting authority parenting help parenting plan Apr 26, 2022

Four Parenting Styles

What is Your DEFAULT Parenting Style? - Depending on the degree of connectedness and leadership we have with our children, we will fall into one of 4 styles of parenting:

  1. Authoritative
  2. Authoritarian
  3. Permissive
  4. Uninvolved

Of course, we all want to be authoritative, but mind drama kicks us into a default mode that isn't ideal. What happens for you when you aren't grounded? Do you become domineering? a pushover? escapist? Watch this video to learn:

  • What makes us fall into these quadrants
  • What we need to move back into authoritative parenting
  • The things that stop us from moving there

Ready to Learn

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