Fixing impossible parenting problems

Jul 06, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


One of the things I love about running my group program is getting to hear mama’s wins on our calls. This week a mom, Jenny, celebrated a big achievement:


“Now when I get upset I can stay calm, which has never been easy for me.”


She has struggled for years with staying calm and loving when her kids act up, but now it feels easier. I asked her, what’s different now? What did she think makes it more possible, when it was so hard before? This is what she said:


“I think it has to do with being in this group and knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, there are tools that I can use, and that it’s a slow road. It’s little baby steps.”


She then went on to describe a complete 180 from the interactions she was having with her daughter when we first met. Just the night before, she had stayed calm with her kiddo and even acknowledged a few of her own mistakes, which blew her daughter away. Way to go, mama!


Why is this change so much easier for Jenny now? To me, it’s no mystery.  The group enables her to do two things:

  • Learn parenting skills that actually work.
  • Ditch the BS getting in the way of using those skills.

Most of us are trying to be good parents but we don’t have either of these things that would make it doable.   


Look at the impossible parenting dilemmas facing you right now.  Do you feel like you have the right skills to fix things? Do you feel there’s no mind drama messing you up? I bet the answer is no.  When things feel impossible, one or both of these things are lacking. It’s as simple as that.


If parenting feels impossible these days, if the idea of learning and USING better skills seems like a fantasy, Jenny and I are here to tell you otherwise!


Set up a free Discovery Call with me and tell me everything.  I will help you see how you can tighten up both of these things and transform your family and your relationship with your child.  I can’t wait to meet you!


Love, Ann