How Your Kid REALLY Learns

parent coach parenting parenting help Feb 09, 2023

Here are 4 facts that can literally change your life and your kid's childhood. Seriously.

Fact #1: Kids absorb 20% of what they’re told but 80% of what they experience (actual stat!).

Fact #2: While every parent I meet with is unique, most of them have one common problem - they hang out in that 20% way too much by talk, talk, talking, and expecting that their kid will learn something from all that gum-flapping.

Fact #3: They will not. 

Think about what this means! 

Correcting kids' behavior with verbal discipline takes 4 times more energy, time, repetition, and effort than experiential discipline.

No wonder parents often feel exhausted, frustrated, and defeated! And when we feel this way, not only are we NOT changing behavior, we are also transmitting our yucky vibes and adding negative crap into our relationship with them (that’s 20% they do absorb), Barf! 🤮

Leaning into the way people actually learn (that 80%) feels so much better!

  • Giving kids an experience (aka consequence) once, instead of telling them something 4 times
  • Using words for connection and discovery instead of control
  • Enjoying our kids because we’re not tired and irritated

Inside my group program, moms learn to:

  • Swap talk for action (consequences instead of repetition, negotiations, yelling, etc.)
  • Determine WHAT action to take (what’s the right consequence?)
  • Take that action effectively (calm and loving delivery)
  • Have positive connections (instead of arguments)

And you do it all in a supportive community that leans into YOUR 80% because:

Fact #4: Like your kid, you learn best through experiences too! Ever wonder why all the parenting books, chats with friends, and well-meaning advice…haven’t really changed your day-to-day parenting? It’s all that 20% nonsense instead of putting yourself into the 80% where you actually absorb and integrate something new. That’s why I use constant examples and troubleshooting in my coaching and give you expert guidance around the clock - share your struggles in real-time and get feedback on real situations. Working with me makes those efforts you’ve put into parenting 4X more effective because it creates an EXPERIENCE for you.

Ready to EXPERIENCE this stuff with me, so you can create learning experiences for your child? It starts with a Discovery Call where you share your story, and I walk you through the details of working together so we get the ball rolling immediately. Book it today!

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