I Don't Want to Dump on My Kid!

parenthood lessons parenting parenting help Sep 20, 2022
image of an upset mom

"I'm struggling, but I don't want to dump on my kid!"

This week I talked to 3 moms who were feeling emotional for many reasons. One mom was marking the anniversary of her mother's passing. Another was under the gun at work, and the third had gotten upsetting news about her divorce.

They were all having a hard time keeping it together for their kids and feeling guilty about breaking down in front of them. I asked them:

What if you didn't have to keep it together?

There is a really simple way to be yourself, express yourself, and give PERMISSION to yourself without ever making your hardship your kid's problem (even if you are struggling with something about them!). Watch this video to learn this exact skill, just how I teach it to my clients. 

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