If your kid's not listening, I bet you're not either!

Aug 03, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


Have you ever been talking to your kid and realize they are SO not listening? Or even worse, they are actively refusing to absorb a damn thing you say...like they are fidgeting, rolling their eyes, or straight-up fighting you?  My husband calls this “losing your audience.”  You can talk all you want, but your words are falling on deaf ears.


This is something we’re going to address in Tuesday’s workshop.  The Kid Conversations That Connect workshop is about communicating with kids, and that includes...listening.


You already knew this, right? We hear about being a good listener all the time.  But do you know how to actually do it?  It’s more than just taking turns. It’s more than just paying attention while they talk, even! 


Good listening includes:

  • Noticing our kids, including nonverbal stuff
  • Centering ourselves so we’re not spiraling while they talk
  • Reflecting their words back to them
  • Confirming you really understand what they’re saying
  • Taking breaks when emotions run high


Good listening helps you see when you’ve lost your audience. Good communication skills help postpone that moment and ensure that you know what to do when it happens.


How about you? Do you know when you’ve lost your audience? Can you tell when it’s happening? Do you know how to handle it when that moment comes?


In the Kid Conversations That Connect workshop I will teach you good listening skills and so much more.  If talking with your child leaves you thinking:

  • Am I blowing this?
  • Why won’t they listen?
  • I just want them to understand!
  • What’s going on in that head of theirs?
  • I’m only trying to help
  • How can I get them to open up?

You need to be with me in this workshop.  Learn more about it here, and register asap!


Love, Ann


P.S. If you’re my client already, this workshop is FREE for you - promo code in your email ;)


P.P.S  This workshop includes Q&A and live coaching - make sure you bring your questions and examples!