I've Tried Everything

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I've Tried Everything

"I've tried EVERYTHING, and nothing works."

In initial consultations, when I ask parents what they’ve tried to handle behavior so far, this is the most common response. And the list of things they’ve tried is often long:

  • Sticker charts
  • Taking away privileges
  • Yelling
  • Spanking
  • Explaining and convincing
  • Taking away toys and games
  • Canceling plans or events
  • Offering rewards

No wonder people feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING!

But so far, I haven’t found a family who actually has tried everything. Even when they have a great list of tried tactics, most families have done their list inconsistently, mixed in different things at once, or done them with frustration and anger. Nothing (not even the most enlightened parenting skill) will work when implemented this way. So, of course, it feels like they’re doing everything; I would feel the same way in that position!

But what is almost never on that list is the one thing that all families need:

Consistently and calmly holding boundaries with loving consequences.

My work is based on the fact that relationships are the core of parenting and that in every relationship, connection, and improvement are possible. There does exist in this world a way for you to get through to your kiddo and help them get where they need to go. I promise.

Bottom line? If you're still dealing with behavior issues and uphill battles:

The truth is not that you’ve tried everything but that you need help finding the untried thing that fits you and your kiddo.

This is my job: to show you the untried stuff, to help you find what feels right to try next, and to help you stay consistent and calm while you do it, especially when it would be easy to give up and go back to that old list of stuff that doesn’t work.

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