Kids Give Us their Worst

parent coach parenting parenting help Mar 30, 2023
Child giving their worst

Have you ever gone to a parent-teacher conference and thought the teacher was describing a stranger?

Or have you noticed that your child behaves differently with their grandparent than with you? Maybe your partner tells you that your LO is happy as a clam when you're not around but becomes whiny and needy the second you walk in the door. 

Experts tell us that kids give us their worst because they feel most comfortable with us and let it all hang out. This is true, but only half the story. If you experience this pattern with your kiddo, there is more you can learn from it:

  • First, this kid is totally capable of good behavior,
  • Second, their behavior with you is different from how they act with others because it has more to do with your relationship than anything else.

Now, before you go off thinking things like - OMG, there's something wrong in my relationship with my kid?! This kid is great with everyone else but has figured out how to play me like a fiddle. What’s the matter with me?! - think about it this way: all you need to do is change how you show up in this relationship, and your kid’s behavior will change too. Simple (but hard). 

Accepting our kids’ worst as our lot in life does not create a good relationship!

Our kids can let it all hang out without making us their dumping ground. You can set a boundary without shutting your kid down, I promise! 

Every day, I teach parents to be their child's safe space while maintaining their own boundaries and while teaching better choices. And the more my clients respond to their children with empathy PLUS boundaries, the more secure their role as trusted confidant becomes, and the more empowered and well-behaved their kids are. 

Sounds great, right? Let me show you how to make this happen for you and your child. Set yourself up with a free Discovery Call where I can gain a deeper understanding of your unique situation and give personalized feedback. You’ll end our session knowing exactly what to do next and how to get started with this work. 

You might be surprised at how soon you get to enjoy the amazingness your child typically reserves for everyone but you!

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