Knowing you're on the right track with your kiddo

Jun 02, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


You know when you’re in a no-win situation with your kid, crossing your fingers and thinking,


“I hope this is the right thing. I guess I’ll find out in like 15 years”?'s happening! I’m getting signs that I’m doing something right.  Little things, like my 7-year-old reigning in a tantrum on his own, and my super-private teen opening up to me. And, big things like my daughter speaking up about feminism at her middle school. I busted my ass to parent right…and I think I might have nailed it y’all!  


How many moms get to have this feeling? How long do we have to wait to know if we got it right? This feeling is EVERYTHING and here’s why I’m sharing it with you:

  • I think we need more examples of REAL wins - the hard-won, messy victories from parenting in the trenches. Believe me that all my wins are this.  
  • This is possible for everyone and doesn't require perfection. Easily half the time I am f*cking up, for real.
  • I don’t just want you to know it’s possible, I want you to know HOW it’s possible.

I teach my clients what I do in my own real life, and it's truly just 2 things:

1 - We can’t do better if we don’t know better.  I had to LEARN legit parenting, and un-learn plenty, too. I didn't just KNOW how to handle my kids without losing my mind, or how to deal with their nonsense in ways that would change their behavior.  That stuff is what I teach now and it is GOLD.


2 - Deal with your baggage.  You have issues. I had (have) issues. No amount of learning could change my parenting if I wasn’t willing to look my sh*t in the eye with humility and determination.   Most people won’t do this.  It sucks to even admit you need to do it! This is what I help my clients with so the parenting stuff really happens.


We don’t do this alone. I got help. My clients have help.  How could we have learned or grown without it? Are you expecting yourself to learn and grow without it?


With a coach, those finger-crossing moments tend to go right, even when we have to wait to see the proof ;) 


I want this for you. I want you to spend less time blindly stabbing at solutions, and more time trying new things for solid reasons, even when you’re unsure. This is what coaching means to me and my clients.


How much time do you spend wondering if you’re doing the right thing and wishing for a sign that you’re on the right track?  How would it be to know you’re nailing it? What is that worth?


If you’re ready for this, I’m ready for you.  Set up a free discovery call and let’s go!


Love, Ann