I'm Not the Fun Mom

parent coach parenting parenting help Nov 07, 2023
I'm Not the Fun Mom

"I think you actually hate fun!"

My sister teased me this summer at the lake after I had opted out of frisbee, jet skiing, and 'king of the raft' all before lunch. 

And she's right! I really don't love what most people think is fun, and what I actually DO enjoy, most people consider hard work. Applying myself to something challenging and purposeful is fun for me. Frisbee - not so much. 

And my kids notice it - I'm planning winter break this week, and my youngest pointed out that everyone was going snowmobiling except me. He wanted to offer me his spot, little cutie! But I genuinely don't want to go, and after many years of my own growth, I am totally OK saying that to him, to my sister, and to anyone else.

I Give You Permission

I used to worry that if I didn't do the fun stuff, I would be disconnected from my kids. Or they would miss out on fun because of me. But that's not true! In fact, the more I am totally myself - happy, healed, and whole - the closer my connections with my children become. 

If you're pushing yourself to be the fun parent or beating yourself up because you're not, hear this: You're allowed to enjoy the things you love and intentionally spend time doing them. You're allowed to skip the stuff you don't like. And your kids aren't suffering because you let yourself be happy. 

This is one of the lessons I help my clients learn - your kids deserve and will thrive best with the real, authentic, happy YOU. That's all they need, and that's what we uncover together. 

And I can help you uncover that precisely because I deeply love doing purposeful work with you instead of just keeping it light. My preference for profound digging instead of pickleball is actually my superpower and my mission on this planet. 

Parenting is hard work. It's a big deal. And it's worth doing well.

I'm the coach for you if you know you need help to dig deep and finally create the relationship and behavior with your child you want. If that sounds like you, let's get to work! Book a free Discovery Call where we will immediately begin to uncover that happy, whole mom your kids will delight in knowing!

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