Limping Across the 1st Semester Finish Line

parent coach parenting teens Dec 16, 2022
12 days of christmas giveaways for moms of teens

The first semester is ending - is your child limping across the finish line?

Recently, I collaborated with Jessyka Coulter of Ace Cookie Tutoring. She's put together a 12-Day Holiday Giveaway, with a parenting gift from a different expert daily. You should sign up and snag all 12 here:

Jessyka works with teens who struggle to manage school, time, and responsibilities. If your kiddo can't manage to get things done on time, keep track of assignments, and maintain their planner or calendar, Jessyka is your person! She will work with your kiddo one-on-one to teach them all the study and executive functioning skills so many kids lack. Upleveling these abilities is a game changer for students. 

The first semester is drawing to a close, and many kids are limping across the finish line. We have a few weeks to catch our breath before the whole gauntlet begins again in January. Now is the time to get you and your kiddo set up for success so you all can end the school year on a different note!

 Enjoy your break this Winter - you deserve it!!!