Should I Just Spank Him?

Jan 26, 2021

Hey Mama,

When I was a new mom, I didn’t know my ass from my elbow.  Turns out being baby-crazy since age 5 doesn’t actually ready you for motherhood.  I was NOT ready for the isolation of being a mom with only childless friends and family far away. I was NOT ready for a toddler with zero interest in listening to me, or even in making choices that might not kill him (like not eating goose sh*t, not crawling on the brick hearth, not grabbing at knives, for example).  

Not only was I clueless on how to parent, I was clueless on how to figure out how to parent! I remember asking the pediatrician at one of his checkups, “Should I just start spanking him?” I literally didn’t know what else to do (to our doctor’s credit, he told me no, btw)! 

I basically stumbled around like a moron until someone lent me a parenting CD at some point (remember CD’s?). I listened to it on repeat, started using some of the tools, and they kind of worked.  Problem solved!

...Except not really. 

The CD helped but I kept falling into old triggered habits. Stuff would come up that the CD didn’t explain, and even with books and video tapes from the library (remember video tapes?), I still felt like I was winging it. Plus I was still losing my temper and feeling terrible about it (none of the books tell you about that part). 

I worked with a counselor and that helped. I made mom friends to whom I could vent and ask for advice, and that helped too.  Through all my research and outreach, I got to be damn good at this momming thing if I do say so myself!  

When I began working with parents, I just wanted to help moms skip the crap I went through.  We shouldn’t have to wander around creating our own patchwork of support and education!

I spent so much time and money searching for the learning, support and guidance I needed to succeed with my kids, and I held this memory close as I created my group coaching program. I wanted it to cost less, last longer, and be BETTER than what I found for myself. I created it to give you the skills you need, the platform to come back to your coach each week and troubleshoot what you’re working on, the resources to address your emotional needs, and the community to support and love you along the way. It is better than any other parenting resource I know. It is my 5th baby ;) and it is exactly what I believe all mothers deserve.

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