Sometimes you need to get goofy

Jul 08, 2019
Sometimes being unfiltered can lead to something great!

Do you ever meet someone and click so well that you can't stop yourself from letting it all flow out in a crazy ramble-fest of a conversation? I love it, especially if that conversation is about parenting, which is exactly what happened when Shannon Bally interviewed me for her BumpCast podcast.  This interview was a little wild and a lot passionate, because I stopped censoring myself and just said what I really felt.  Mama, you know - don't even get me started on the topic of empowering moms! 

Whatever you're fired up about, I hope you have someone in your life that you can just ramble and rant with, and feel that fire burn, even if it's someone you only talk to for a few minutes while they interview you for a podcast!

It's kind of amazing the broad sweep of things Shannon and I blazed through in just 30 minutes... - How I get dads to open up...even about weird stuff like mucus plugs. - What a cow doing yoga really sounds like, and why you NEED to know. - Why constipation is your best friend during pregnancy. - How birth, hiccups, and pooping are really the same thing. - Why our brains are big dumb ruiners. - Why kids turn into little a*@holes every time something upsets the apple cart... - ...and what to do about it! - Why it was totally cool for my son to stand on the dining table and swing from a chandelier! - How prepping someone to give birth, supporting them after they have a baby, and teaching them how to discipline their kids are really all the same thing.

- What really pisses me off about the 4th trimester.

...and, because I liked this interview so much, and also - why not?...

I am offering a 50% discount off any coaching package of your choice if you book a FREE consult with me and tell me when in the podcast I say:


That is a possible discount of more than $1000!!!

Thanks for getting goofy with me mama!