Summer Planning

Apr 01, 2019
How Ready Are You? It's not just about scheduling

Summer is coming. (Imagine a Game of Thrones score behind these words as you read them.)

Summer. Is. Coming.


Remember Spring Break? If one week of no routine, no school, and no stopping rocked your world, multiply that by 12 and you don't need me to tell you:


1) You need a plan!

White-knuckling it is not enough to get you to September.


I encourage you to sit down and actually evaluate last year. What did you do? What worked? What didn't work? What would you do differently next time? What would make a difference in your next break? Use this as your starting point and you'll be lightyears ahead of the game.


2) A Plan Isn't Enough!

A big part of an easy summer is planning and organization - and we all know it's happening NOW. Summer camps, AirBnBs, flights, campgrounds, etc. are all getting full and booked. But even when you have a kickass summer on your calendar and a fool-proof schedule in your planner, if you are at a loss to handle the rollercoaster of summertime behavior, cabin fever, constant eating, and 24-7 neediness that summertime brings, you might as well throw your plan on the campfire at your first June camping trip. Invest in learning how to handle the behavior, attitude and organization of your family NOW before you are drowning in summer pandemonium.


If you want to get on top of your summer before it gets on top of you, I have a great training for you. "3 Keys to Saving Your Summer" online training for parents.

I'll be covering:

- Stress-free scheduling (creating an easy calendar & routine)

- Self-sufficiency at any age (stop running "Camp Mommy")

- Loving Summer as much as your kids do (banish your "summer grinch")

This is an incredible way to set yourself up for the best summer you've ever had with your kids, and I'd love to see you there. It's free and online, so you really have nothing to lose!