Teens Are Different

parent coach parenting parenting help parenting teens Apr 30, 2024
Teens Are Different

If you're parenting a teen, you might notice that this age feels different. That's because it IS different.

Teens are different.

Their brains weigh reward over risk almost every time, and that payoff + impulsivity means bad decisions are hard to resist. Emotions and confusion run higher than at any other time in life. Teens are the most impulsive and selfish they will ever be in their lives! The parenting principles we've always used still apply, but we need more tools in our toolkit to get results.

And WE are different.

The stakes are higher now and it can feel like our relationship with them hangs in the balance. The consequences of their mistakes can be life-altering. Everything just feels...bigger. We need new skills for managing our emotions and staying neutral. 

I teach this combination of parenting tools + managing emotions every day. Recently, one of my clients with a 10, 12, and 14-year-old was reflecting on our work together and said: 

"So much has changed. I have a better relationship with all of my kids. I almost never yell. There is a new peace in the house because my frustrations have been reduced so much. They still do sh*t and f*ck up, of course, and so do I, but it's not a source of stress anymore. And most importantly, I'm more confident in my parenting and my communication with them, and I can see them having more confidence in themselves."

Better Relationships 

This sums up what I think ALL parents want, no matter how old their children are. Sometimes, the teen years make it seem more impossible than ever, but this isn't true - you absolutely CAN make it happen for you and your family. Set up a free Discovery Call and tell me everything. I want to know your struggles and goals, and I will help you see what is possible and how to get there.

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