Straight from a mama's mouth

May 18, 2021

Hey Mamas!

I recently was thinking about how I could convey the awesomeness of the group coaching I've been doing with moms this year and everything I wrote fell short. I couldn't figure it out!

Finally, I decided to just ASK the mamas in the group for their input (duh!) and it was so good, I didn't want to alter or edit it at all!

So, here is one mom, Amy's account of her time in the group so far. When Amy joined, she was really struggling with her toddler's misbehavior and feeling like she was at odds with both her son and her husband about it all! I hope her transformation inspires you to believe better is possible for you and your family too!

Q: What is the best thing you've gotten from our work so far?

A: Stay in my lane! Stop repeating myself and take action. It's not about changing my kid but myself and how I react.

Q: What would you tell someone unsure about joining us?

A: I wish I had joined years ago. Nothing to lose and so much knowledge/support to gain. I could go on and on!

Q: What were you on the fence about and feel solid about now?

A: I was on the fence about joining because what if there isn't many other parents with toddlers, but I quickly realized what applies to a teen can also be applied to a toddler. 😂 I learn so much from others!

Q: What results have you noticed already?

A: Quieter household and better connection with my son. I don't yell or have this build-up of anger anymore. No more begging and pleading. Others notice the difference too! Transitions are so much easier now.

Q: What makes you happy to be here?

I'm happy knowing I can ask or discuss anything without feeling judged or ridiculed.

I really couldn't explain why I love our group better than Amy did, and I really can't explain in words how gratifying it is for me to hear that she is getting out of our work exactly what I hope for every one of my clients. If you've been considering joining the group, now is the time to hop off the fence and do it! Enroll here and let's get going!

Love, Ann