The worst parenting advice

Dec 29, 2019

What's the worst parenting book you've ever read?


The worst advice you've ever heard?


This is one of my favorite icebreakers when I teach groups, because people always have totally different answers (you can read mine at the end of this email). Every child is different; every parent is different; every family is SO different.


And when I ask, "How did you know it was the worst?" things really get interesting.


Think about it - how did you know that advice or book was complete garbage? After all, you're not an expert. In fact, we usually read parenting books when we recognize we don't know enough and need guidance. AND, apparently loads of other people thought it was really helpful, or it wouldn't have been published or passed around like parenting's best kept secret. So, how did you know it was the worst?


You just knew. Which is to say that you had some pretty strong knowledge inside you from the very beginning of motherhood. You know who you are, who your kid is, and how your family works. You know what you believe and the life you're trying to create for yourself and your child.


I'll let you in on a little secret - the number one thing I do with moms is strip away the distractions, static and interference built up between them and that ingrained knowledge. (And, annoyingly, a lot of that interference has come directly from parenting advice!)


Because the BEST parenting advice is the advice that fits for you, and we can only find it when you are truly stepping into yourself as a mom. Once you're there, we can troubleshoot discipline tactics, family organization, consequences, chores, routines, and everything else under the mama sun, and you get to walk away with a complete parenting approach that is uniquely yours, which means it WORKS!


It starts with believing have what it takes to kick ass at parenting, then getting the support you need to find and hone it. Most people need outside help to do this; it's really hard to see your distractions and interference from the inside!


If you're ready to step into that version of yourself, I'm ready to help you do it! Reach out and let's get you back on track.


Want to know my WORSTS?


worst book: "Babywise"

worst advice: "To stop your toddler from biting, bite them back!"