The Strangest Back to School Ever?

Aug 31, 2020

Back to school has never looked so weird! Within a one-block radius from my house, I have friends with kids in the classroom full-time, remote learning full-time, hybrid learning, and homeschooling...and most of us feel like the schooling we're doing for our kids is NOT what we want to be doing.


This bizarro world brings massive logistical and emotional challenges and it's no surprise that a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed, helpless, confused, worried, and angry (and sometimes all of those at once!). I'm no exception either! I have 3 kids learning from home, and one in person. Of course, none of them have the same lunch hour, and my in-person kiddo needs to be dropped off and picked up at the exact times my first grader is switching between Zoom meetings at home. Plus there are inevitable daily technology snafu's (our best day so far still had 3 computer crises) and, like most moms I talk to, my kids are having a hard time behaving like they're in school, while hanging out at home.


When you think about it, even the most 'normal' day in a mom's life is at least 40% nutzo sh*tstorm; we moms have dealt with epic levels of BS since day one! No matter how dire our circumstances, we rise up and make it work. So why does this feel so damn hard?


Think back to when COVID first hit: most of us were scrambling and a bit panicked at first. I coached dozens of moms through those first few weeks and saw the trajectory of panic, stoicism, and rising up that we all went through. And, I guarantee March was not the first time any of us have gone through that progression. Most of us do it over and over again throughout the entire first year of our baby's lives, just to name one example! This situation might be weird AF, but the reasons behind our freak-outs never change:

  1. The Brain Tornado: Every mom I talk to has a whirlwind of thoughts spinning through her head that can derail her decision-making, calm parenting, and general efforts to not be miserable. Worried you made the wrong choice of school setup? Pissed off that remote learning requires A Beautiful Mind to navigate? Scared your kid will be traumatized academically, developmentally, or medically? Defeated and victimized by circumstances influencing your job? Just plan OVER IT? Your feelings are totally justified...and they're imprisoning you.

  2. Logistical Nightmares: Chaos is soul-sucking. When it feels like you're supposed to be in 10 places at once and have an advanced computer engineering degree just to make it through the day, it's no wonder we're frazzled! Most of us are multi-tasking all day long which is the fastest way to suck at everything, take twice as long to do it, and feel frantically anxious the whole time. No bueno.

  3. Next Level Discipline Challenges: Kids are soooo good at regressing and testing when things are new, and this is prime time for newness. So, now we need to be zen discipline ninjas on top of everything else.

Luckily, turning things around in those three areas is surprisingly doable, when you aren't winging it on your own. I wouldn't have been able to do it for my family without the training I have in parenting and my support systems. And I know the mothers I work with are kicking ass and rising up beautifully through this time thanks in part to the support I give them.


So how can you address the things making this time so hard for you?

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