Living With a Tiny Tyrant?

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Living With a Tiny Tyrant

“I feel like my kid has hijacked my life!” 

“I put so much into my son’s antics, I think I’m short-changing my other kids.” 

“I walk on eggshells all day trying to avoid a blowout.”

I hear tearful confessions like this all the time, and I get the tears. No one wants to see their child this way or to feel like this in parenting. There can be a lot of shame and defeat woven throughout these conversations, which is heartbreaking.

You Are Not Alone

If this is you, there is no need for shame or defeat. You are not alone - situations like these are super common, and it’s easy for this dynamic to arise. Maybe you’re naturally a peacemaker, and addressing behavior head-on feels uncomfortable. Perhaps you’re working hard not to crush your child’s spirit and unsure how to discipline them while leaving room for them to be themselves. Maybe you’ve had past experiences that make saying ‘no’ or setting limits challenging. Or maybe this wild, energetic, strong-willed human is simply leaving you reeling! Whatever the backstory, loads of families end up here for perfectly understandable reasons.

The Great News 

The great news is that you absolutely can turn this around, and I help families do it all the time. There are two main levers to pull here, which is exactly what I do with my clients: 

First - making the shift to leadership and limits has to feel right to you. We spend time exploring, deconstructing, and rewiring whatever might be getting in the way of this shift for you. All those reasons behind this moment are valid and worthy of TLC so that you can naturally and comfortably step into a new dynamic with your child. 

Second - you need tools! There are many simple skills to address your child’s behavior with love and attunement. Hear this: you deserve help to know exactly what to do differently and learn go-to options in the heat of these moments.

This is my job - to help you grow in these arenas and equip yourself to put yourself back in the leadership role in your family, give your child both the loving support and the healthy limits they need, and re-establish peace and harmony in your home. 

Working with me begins with our Discovery Call. I will hear your story, give you feedback, and talk about working together to create the family dynamic of your dreams. Staying calm and setting loving limits with your child is possible! Set it up today!

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