What Parents REALLY Want for the Holidays

co-parenting parent coach parenting parenting help Dec 05, 2023
What Parents REALLY Want for the Holidays

What Parents REALLY Want for the Holidays - What would your holiday wish list look like if you put what you REALLY want on it? (a peaceful family dinner, trust that my kids will end up OK, a tiny sliver of recognition, someone listening when I talk, confidence that I am a good parent, a night of sleep uninterrupted by worry or hassle, a car drive with no sibling bickering…). Asking for parent coaching this year means next year, you can leave all this off the list because you’ll already have it! 

Top 10 reasons to give (yourself, your kids, your partner…) parent coaching this year:

  1. Cost-effective! Parent coaching costs less than that trip you're hoping will be a nice memory untainted by tantrums and screaming matches (spoiler - it won't).
  2. Lasts forever! Parent coaching actually CAN create that happy vacation, plus years of harmony and healthy relationships into the future, instead of fading away by mid-January.
  3. Always fits! You (and your kids) will never outgrow parent coaching.
  4. Low carbon footprint! Unlike the glitter-covered plastic gizmo in your Amazon cart destined for a garbage island by Spring, parent coaching creates zero waste and infinite reward.
  5. Actually matters! Parent coaching results in healthy parent-child attachment, the single most powerful influence on your child’s mental health, success, and resilience. The slipper socks you’re about to buy have slightly less impact.
  6. Promotes honesty! If you’ve been telling yourself you can’t afford this help but still buy your MIL a $150 sweater in the vain hope that she’ll treat you like a human being in 2024, you are fibbing to yourself in several ways. Parent coaching strips all that away so you see yourself, your child, and your possibilities clearly.
  7. Create ‘You 2.0’ without skipping carbs! Every year, we turn over a new leaf and torture ourselves, trying to be better than last year. Unlike Noom, Weight Watchers, or the fancy bullet journal in your stocking, parent coaching will actually get you there. Working with me not only teaches you amazing parenting skills, but you will overcome blocks that have held you back your whole life so that you’re not only nailing it with your kids, you’re being your best self in all areas - happy, healed, whole. And I’ll NEVER tell you to give up cheese.
  8. Space Saver! The only real estate Parent Coaching occupies is a twice/month slot on your calendar and space in your kids’ hearts as you get better at being their safe place and rock. No need to clear out any closets!
  9. Really works! You know that Dyson hair curling/sucking thingee is only going to make you look like a science experiment, right? Parent coaching, on the other hand, actually works. I really can change your kids’ behavior, the peace and calm in your home, and your parent-child relationships. I can’t do sh*t about your hair tho - I’ll be honest.
  10. Tax & HSA deductible! Guess what happens right after the holidays? Tax season! How cool would it be to review your holiday expenses and feel a little boost? Parent coaching is reimbursable by your HSA and you can put it on your taxes. Pretty cool!

Imagine giving yourself and your family the gift of lifelong peace, closeness, cooperation, and respect!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds better than the pricey sneakers you were about to buy for your teenager (especially knowing she’ll give you the finger and slam her door in your face about 10 minutes after receiving them). 

If you're drawn to finally figuring out how to do this parenthood thing right, book a consultation with me now.  For the rest of 2023, anyone enrolling in one of my coaching programs (private, couples, or group) receives a $500 reduction in their enrollment fee. 

Ask for coaching this year!

Maybe you and your partner decide to give this to each other. Maybe you decide to give it to yourself. However, we get to work together; this is one expense that won’t leave you feeling empty when the decorations are put away, and the last bit of pie is gone.

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