Your Kids Are TOO BUSY!

Sep 28, 2018

Who has tranquil, leisurely afternoons all week long with no chauffeur-ing kiddos all over town? Pretty much no one, especially once kids are school-aged. Extra-curriculars are ruining family harmony all over the place, and it really doesn't have to be this way! This week I want to give everyone some food for thought about the breakneck pace of our mama lives, and how over-booked so many kids (and therefore, parents!) are. Here are a few questions to consider:

What is the benefit of our kids being booked solid? Or, conversely, what is the cost of our kids having no free time?

What is the cost to our kids of having stressed, spread-too-thin parents? Is there a value in unstructured time? Which is more important for our kids: a peaceful, loving, and enjoyable childhood, or knowing how to play the cello and kick ass at lacrosse?

I bet you can guess my answers to all those questions, and I really encourage you to check out the videos in the group to get some tips on how to find the balance and start valuing things we can't measure, like 90 minutes of doing nothing!