Parent Coaching for Dads!

Show up effectively for your child, parent with confidence and independence, take initiative to improve behavior and create a truly healthy parent-child relationship.
This program is a resource just for dads.  Forget about one-size fits all approaches that ignore the realities and uniqueness of fatherhood.

Enrolling in this program means... 

✓  You are in the company of fathers just like you, who have your back every step of the way. 

✓ You have me in your corner for everything, not just one or two parenting problems! Once you enroll, you get continuous coaching for 4 months (Jan - Apr 2024). Get support for the challenges you face right now, plus all the stuff you haven't thought of yet ;) 

✓  Coaching for DADS - fatherhood is unique, and generic parenting advice just doesn't cut it.  Our coaching and discussion are made for YOU and led by a coach with years of experience working with men and dads.

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Turning your parenting struggles around is possible, and it doesn't have to be hard or lonely. 

This is a path to an easy, enjoyable life as a father and individual. You'll get there in a community of dads just like you, with a coach who understands what you're going through and knows what to do about it.

  • Create a healthy, connected relationship with your child.
  • Parent confidently without losing your cool.
  • Transform your child's behavior.
  • Handle coparenting challenges smoothly.

If you are ready to create the behavior, energy, and structure you want in your family, this is for you.

What Dads in the group have to say... 

"Ann is great! She is very gifted in being able to hear people's parenting issues, which sometimes also relate to marriage or divorce, and to provide great insights to help people work toward healthier and more productive relationships. Life can be hard sometimes, and we all want the best for our children. The combination of Ann's expertise and how much she obviously cares about her clients make her truly special to work with." - Dave

"It can be hard for Dads to open up about their unique struggles - both with their partners and other Dads. Ann does a great job of creating a relaxed environment without judgement where you feel heard by your peers and get invaluable insight from a range of perspectives." - Trevor

"I find hearing the others' issues, talking through different ways to look at each issue, and how to develop better techniques for dealing with the issues, all helpful. And I enjoy hearing everything that others are experiencing." - RJ

"The concepts and approaches introduced during group discussions are very helpful and motivating." - Mark

"I think it is so important to hear other perspectives and stories from other fathers. The support is invaluable to me." - Mark

Why Ann?

The cat's out of the bag - I'm not a dad :(    So, what makes me so great at running a dad group?  I have worked with dads for over 12 years and have been privileged to receive a special glimpse into the experience of fatherhood through my tremendous clients.  What I've learned is that dads often get a bad rap, are sometimes denied the chance to step into skilled fatherhood, deeply desire healthy relationships and recognition in their families, and are fun as Hell to work with.  That understanding, plus my snarky (often crude) sense of humor makes me connect with dads sometimes even more than I do with moms!  My client, Matthew,  said it best in a recent group call: "You're a bro, Ann."  Yes.  Yes I am a bro...which is way better than being a 'bruh'.

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The Details

This group is the Beta version of a program that has the potential to become a lifetime membership. Your coaching with me lasts for the 4 months of this Beta version (Jan - Apr 2024), with the option to continue at no cost if the program becomes evergreen!  Join today, and receive support through all the ups and downs of parenthood. The program includes:

  • The Coaching: You have the opportunity to be directly coached by me every week and to learn from the coaching your peers receive. You will walk away from every call with breakthroughs, and concrete tools to put into immediate action. 

  • The Course: You'll have instant, lifetime access to the entire course the minute you join. It is no exaggeration to say that this course changes lives because it transforms the way you respond and relate to your child, no matter what age or behavior you're dealing with. I designed it to fit a parent's life - do it in the pockets of time you have in your day! You can see the whole course outline below.

  • The Community: Nonstop, whenever things come up, I have you covered. You will have questions outside our calls and want answers. Within the private community, share your wins, struggles, and questions for celebration and support from me and your peers. You are never alone.

The Investment

4 monthly payments of $525


$2100 in a 1-time payment

No matter which payment plan you choose, you'll have access to the 4 month Beta version program (Jan - Apr 2024), with the option to continue at no additional cost if the program goes lifetime.

Monthly Payments
One-Time Payment
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Course Details

Module 1: Foundation

  • Getting Started
  • Routine - No more frazzled mommy!
  • Your Parenting Identity - Who Are You?
  • Co-parenting & being on the same page
  • 3 Keys to Discipline that WORKS
  • Instead of Time Out
  • Dealing with Disrespect

Module 2: Toolkit

  • Smooth Mornings
  • Being a ‘Good’ Parent
  • Guilt
  • What is a Parent’s Job?
  • Instead of telling kids what to do
  • Boundaries With Choice

Module 3: Customization

  • Easy Bedtime
  • Managing your mind drama
  • Non Attachment in Parenting
  • No Reminders
  • Creating Customized Consequences 

Module 4: Energy Exchange

  • Chores
  • Being a leader by doing LESS
  • Motivation - yours and your child's
  • Getting yourself unstuck
  • Delayed Consequences

Module 5: Big Emotions

  • Meal Planning to save time & money
  • Resistance is Good
  • Parental Fears and Anxieties
  • How to NOT beat yourself up as a mom
  • Helping kids face their fears
  • Praise Vs. Observation
  • Picky Eaters
  • Building table manners

Module 6: Level Up

  • Relationships outside of parenthoold
  • Reflection and Projection
  • Consequence Cheatsheet
  • Sibling Dynamics

Live Coaching

Parenting Education

Safe Community

Lifetime Access

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