Awaken The Wise Mama

A retreat to uncover parenting clarity, renewed family dynamics, & JOYFUL mothering

If you are a mom who is ready to reconnect with yourself, parent from intuition instead of fear, release the heaviness of parenting, and form lifelong friendships…

Then join parent coach, Ann Kaplan in the magically colorful Autumn of Traverse City, Michigan to discover how to live the parenthood of your dreams every single day.

October 20 – 24, 2022

Typical Day
Why Come?
Your Host

Standing on the edge of the lake, sipping warm cider, you reflect on your amazing day with 8 other incredible mothers: the sharing and learning, the winery tour, the leisurely meals without interruption, the rare luxury of being a grownup and doing grownup things...

You inhale restoration and a new outlook, and exhale the parenting heaviness that you are learning to shed like so many Fall leaves.

Gazing at the gorgeous colors, you remind yourself that you deserve this moment and that for once, you are doing something not for your kids, not for your family, but for YOU.  The experience of valuing yourself in motherhood will stay with you and transform your family forever.

Now it's time to step into the evening closing circle with your companions beside you. Self-love and worthiness that have been held back finally emerge, and you confidently step into parenting like never before. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you CAN fulfill your dreams of joy in motherhood, and the family dynamics and relationships you've always wanted. You finally know exactly what to do for yourself and your family!

"There is no better time than the Autumn to begin forgetting the things that trouble us, allowing them to fall away like dried leaves"

Paolo Coelho

How incredible would it feel to put yourself first for once, knowing that doing so is the exact thing that will make you the most incredible mother you could ever be? 
So incredible! And that is what you can expect to discover during our time in Michigan. Through our loving parent circles, you will be able to focus on what matters most to you, so you can bring the best of YOU back home to parent from authenticity and attunement to your child.

Can you imagine waking up each morning, not because a kiddo's foot is poking you in the ribs or your teen is badgering you about screentime, but because you are truly rested and ready for a fantastic day? See yourself eating a breakfast with zero trace of soggy cereal or half-eaten yogurt containers! Picture spending not just one, but multiple whole days and nights full of grownup talk, grownup food, grownup activities, and grownup sleep!  Through the pampering care of your retreat guides, you will not only experience this luxury for a few days, but discover the tools to make this existence possible for you in your every day life too.

How wonderful would it be to know exactly how to remain peaceful, no matter what motherhood has in store for you?
Your intuition is where it’s at, and you are going to communicate with that inner wise mama in a big way while we are in Traverse City. On this retreat, through guided thought work and creative exercises you will start to see yourself, your job as a mother, and your child in ways you may never have before. This is a new version of you as a mom that is grounded and clear!

What will change when you say goodbye to everything that makes parenting feel hard and draining?
That sounds absolutely fantastic, and while we are together you will discover how to do just that through personalized activities that move you to a place of confidence on a deep level, making parenting easeful and clear.  Before long, we'll have you parenting from your deep inner wisdom like never before.


"This group is private and feels comfortable and I've never experienced or witnessed anything that violates privacy or creates a judgmental zone. I genuinely feel that this group is part of my support network and I care about the moms I've gotten to know."


"Working with Ann has been a game changer for my parenting. I booked with her because she started changing my perspective and challenging me forward even in our first call! She can see exactly where I need a pep talk or a reality check and she’s not afraid to come through for me."

You had me at Autumn in Traverse City!

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A typical retreat day...

Greet the day with a gentle wakeup session (sunrise lakeside meditation, anyone?), followed by a delicious breakfast with nary a Cheerio in sight ;)  Then make your way into the community space for morning parenting circle, full of shares, coaching, laughter and tears, and so many breakthroughs.  Now, let's take a break with a phenomenal luncheon prepared by moi and my sous chef specifically for your enjoyment. Light cocktail with lunch? Why not?!  After lunch and plenty of time to chill, we're off to one of our fun excursions designed to both take our morning concepts deeper while delighting and entertaining you beyond any fun you've had in recent memory! The afternoon brings free time you can use for a massage (yes please!), journaling, 1:1 work (yes, that's right - I have set aside time just for us to work together privately if you choose!), or just chilling the *F* out!  Then let's come back together for a tuned-in and grateful feast of a dinner, followed by a peaceful evening circle to close our day. 

Whether you're letting go of inner blocks in our water release ritual, calling in new intentions with the fire ceremony, learning new skills in a coaching circle, reveling in the Fall colors on a brisk hike, or just laughing 'til you cry with new friends, this retreat is going to blow your mind and expand your heart beyond anything you've ever experienced.  I can't wait to greet you with open arms on my doorstep this October!

Our Home: Luxury in Nature

Did someone say PAMPERING? because that’s what you will be experiencing while we are together in Michigan!

You will be joining me in my very own waterfront home on Long Lake in the forests outside Traverse City - I am truly your hostess in every way. The view from our porch, and practically every window in our home will have you pinching yourself. The Autumn colors around the lake truly take your breath away. (Fun fact - the pictures you see here were all taken by me and my family just with our phones!  That is how spectacular the natural beauty surrounding us truly is! #nofilter).

Don't worry - you will have ample time to simply rest and rejuvenate in this incredible space interspersed throughout our time exploring ourselves and the area with hikes, wineries and spa treatments as well as delicious meals, and simply socializing with your new (or already familiar) retreat-mates. To cap off our days, enjoy a cocktail, mocktail or delicious glass of wine and just soak it all in fireside!  Did I mention you won't be lifting a finger to cook or clean for 5 days straight?!?!

This sounds like a dream come true!

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Welcome to Traverse City!

For many, TC is a hidden treasure that surprises and delights.  On the coast of Lake Michigan, TC has everything for everyone, all housed in a picturesque small town.  Shopping, dining, wineries, breweries, distilleries, hiking, spectacular views, breathtaking sunsets, and the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  And you'll be just a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of downtown in your very own lakeside oasis!


Food on a getaway is kind of a big deal, and your lucky taste buds and belly will be over the moon for the edible experience during our time together!

Delicious Autumn food and drink awaits you, no matter what special dietary circumstances you find yourself in.  Gluten and dairy free, vegan, vegetarian...all requests will be accommodated and zero flavor will be sacrificed. Whether we're talking about savory pumpkin soup made from local farms, mouth-watering fall salads, or delectable sweet desserts, you can expect a taste explosion around every corner...and don't forget the luscious libations!  We'll be spending an afternoon at St. Ambrose, a local meadery (!) to sample effervescent mead and their seasonal food offerings. And did you know that Michigan houses over 140 wineries? Get ready to luxuriate in healthy, delicious food and drink without lifting a finger! Hell yes!!!

Meet your chef

Andrew Tarrow is a phenomenal cook and host - and it shows.  This rockstar human has rubbed elbows with bigwigs in the food entertainment industry for years (yes, even from TopChef!). In 2020 he won Netflix's "Best Leftovers Ever" competition (season 1, ep 4) and has gone on to delight taste buds and audiences in a million ways since then.  Andrew is our personal chef, menu curator, and tablescape obsessor for our 5 days in Michigan and we are so lucky to have him!  Follow him online to see more of his delicious creations (instagram handle @biggayandrew).


How incredible would it feel to find people you truly fit with and rekindle the version of yourself before parenting? 

So incredible! Through the group coaching and communal activities on our retreat, you will connect deeply with the soul sisters you’ve been craving for years so you can be a part of a real community and BELONG again

Imagine releasing the stress and worry of chasing after the ‘silver bullet’ of parenting strategies.

How incredible! With our mindfulness tools and guided meditations, you’ll tap into your own inner knowing, releasing that chasing energy and belief that you’re ‘doing it all wrong’, so the aligned parent inside of you takes the lead.

What would it be like to release the sense of urgency that comes from having too much to do and so many balls in the air? 

OMG yes please! Through the care and tenderness you’ll receive from your host, skilled practitioners and your peers, you will experience a newfound peace and relaxation, and learn to hold that calmness within you, so you can stay centered in every parenting moment with your child.

Who is ready for some FUN?

Did you know that fun and enjoyment are actually not just luxuries, but necessities to mental wellness? During our time together we will be getting a healthy dose of this nourishing, but often neglected, ingredient. How amazing will it feel to take yourself off of the back burner and rekindle the part of you that craves laughter, joy, frivolity, and pleasure? So amazing! Traverse City has so much fun and beauty to offer, and you will get to sample loads of it throughout our time together.  A unique visit to St. Ambrose Meadery, gorgeous hikes in the Fall colors, an afternoon in downtown TC for shopping and sightseeing, the opportunity for joy is neverending.  Who knows? You might just have the most fun and connected belly laugh of your life, just on the DRIVE to our next excursion! 


This gorgeous lakeside home boasts 6 tranquil bedrooms for you to choose from, some available for double occupancy. Keep your room all to yourself, bring a friend or ask for help connecting with a roommate if you like!

The Birch Room is the master bedroom of the home, and has its own bathroom and king bed.  This room is available for double occupancy.

The Oak Room features the second King sized bed of the house and is available for double occupancy.

The Maple Room has a Queen sized bed and lots of light. This is a single occupancy room.

The White Pine Room has a Queen baffled water bed (really!) and opens out onto the patio overlooking the lake. This is a single occupancy room.

The Cedar Room is on our lower level with 2 twin beds and spacious closet.  Available for double occupancy.

The Spruce Room is also on the lower level of the house and has a soft and cozy queen.  This is a single occupancy room.

Stop teasing me and just please me!

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This trip is for you if...

What would it be like to release all doubt and KNOW that you have succeeded for your children after trying so hard every step along the way?

Walking away from the specter of the ‘bad mom’ is life-changing! Through each sharing moment and heart opening excursion, you will remove another layer of this heavy veil, so you can feel crystal clear on your worth and the GIFT you are (and always have been) to your family.

Can you imagine never again feeling misunderstood by your loved ones perceiving you as abrasive or controlling? 

That would be mind-blowing, of course! Through our coaching circles and guided journaling you will learn to intuitively communicate your feelings and desires, so you can truly be seen by the people you love.

How will life at home change when your kids step into responsibility and engagement with you?

That sounds amazing! Through our coaching circles and relationship exploration, the possibilities for a tuned-in and respectful relationship with your child will expand before your eyes, returning you to your family ready to transform behavior and fall in love with your kids all over again

Would all this be worth taking 5 days for creation in a beautiful location with incredible women? Are you convinced yet?
What has it cost you already by not taking care of these hurdles in the past? What will it cost you in the future by not conquering these challenges right now? Are you tired of just being OK, and ready to be truly happy in motherhood, and in all areas of your life?


Yes? Then join this exclusive group of moms on a similar journey, and let’s do it together!

Do you need to connect with Ann personally to see if this retreat is right for you? Let’s get on a call right away! This is an exclusive retreat, so space is limited.

Contact Ann Today

What's included

  • All group activities, including but not limited to morning wakeup, parenting circles, excursions, and evening closing gatherings.
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, including food and drink during group excursions, and our Welcome dinner and Farewell breakfast. Even grownup drinks are free to you!
  • Pre-trip Preparation Call to have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intentions for the retreat, and learn how to best prepare for this epic experience.
  • Rustic luxury accommodations in my lake house. Single or double occupancy options available (room descriptions above).
  • Transportation to and from airport Thursday 10/20 & Monday 10/24 (designated times only).
  • All optional free time activities - massage (yep - that's NOT extra - even the tip for your massage therapist is included!), 30 minute 1:1 coaching session, and guided journaling.

What's not included

  • Your round-trip airfare or other transport to and from Traverse City, MI.
  • Any transport to and from the airport outside of designated pick-up and drop-off windows.
  • Any additional purchases for yourself, including but not limited to souvenir shopping, extra spa services, personal taxis, and tips for private services.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

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Getting Here

Arrive into Traverse City on October 20, 2022 before 4pm, so you can get settled in before our Welcome dinner. I recommend you depart October 24, 2022 after breakfast. We will have scheduled airport pick-ups on October 20th, and drop-offs on October 24th. If you are not arriving or departing in time to be on those transports we can help you arrange your own transport to the house (at your cost).


  • Pre-retreat call - A chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intentions for the retreat, and learn how to best prepare for this epic experience.
  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can share our excitement before the retreat, make connections with new and old friends, ask questions, receive up to date trip info, stay connected post-trip, and of course use the group as a fun photo dump to share all of our experiences captured!
  • Post-Retreat Group call – let’s see how everyone is adjusting to being back home, especially with using their newfound parenting tools!

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"Ann is amazing. I have truly come to trust her and her methods because I see them working in my family life. She truly is an expert in her field, and I am so glad that I found her!"


"I love hearing from other moms who have the same issues as me, and how real Ann gives it to me in front of other people. I recommend Ann’s coaching to every mom I encounter who I see struggling."

Meet your hostess ~ Ann Kaplan

After working with parents for over a decade, and raising 4 of my own kids, I have seen it all, and lived the dream (and nightmare!) of parenting through every childhood stage, from infancy through adolescence. I know the cycle of committing to being the parent your child deserves, losing control, feeling awful, and committing to being better next time. I have seen the yelling and power struggles. I know all about the uselessness of threatening, bargaining and lecturing.

But most importantly, I also know that you absolutely can turn your relationship with your child around, and that peaceful, well-behaved and respectful kids aren't just for the lucky few. I've made it happen for myself and have helped hundreds of families do it too.

In addition to being a mom myself, I'm also a Love&Logic (tm) independent facilitator and an IPEC trained life coach, which means I'm not just winging it. I have a unique holistic approach to parent work that includes emotional support AND effective discipline that empowers children,  improves behavior, and heals families. 

There are plenty of coaches out there - I am the one for you if you want someone who knows about discipline PLUS the emotion and chaos that make that discipline hard, someone who will give it to you straight, and love you fiercely.

A message from me to you

Come along with me as we get back to being OURSELVES in parenting. Imagine going on a retreat that has been created uniquely for you with experiences that cater to your personal growth. That is what I am creating at this retreat for moms who are ready for self discovery, letting joy and fun back into their lives, and learning new ways to parent as themselves. Let me be your guide, and let’s get real and have FUN together!


I'm ready Ann. Let's go!

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"This has completely changed the way I view myself as a mother and my relationship with my kids. Ann understands the human condition and gets to know her moms so well that she is able to get right to heart of the issue."


"Just go for it! Ann is honest, reflects back to you and helps you in YOUR journey. For me, knowing that we are all working toward being better humans, parents, partners, friends brought us all together and has built a special connection. Each of us had the courage to recognize that we needed to make changes and change is hard but so worth it!"


"I love the support from all the other parents who are going through similar or the same challenges with their kids. It's nice to not feel alone, it's nice to hear other perspectives from different parents and to be able to focus on the work."

Reach out today