Burnout Makes You a Bad Parent. That's Facts.

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Burnout Makes You a Bad Parent. That's Facts.

Parenting can often feel hard and draining... 😱

...at the same time, it's one of the most amazing gifts in life. We want to be the best parents we can, raising healthy, fulfilled kids and breaking generational cycles with our parenting. But we cannot do that when we're tired, stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed.

What if we could take away some of that stress and strain over 5 glorious days in stunning nature with 7 other women just like you - who are ready to deeply accept and honor you? 💝🔥

If you could use a parenting reboot - come join me Oct 20-24th for the "AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA" retreat!

On this retreat, through guided thought work and creative exercises you'll start to see yourself, your job as a mother, and your child in ways you may NEVER have before. 🙏There is a new version of you as a mom that is grounded and clear, just waiting to be birthed on this retreat!

Whether you're letting go of inner blocks in our water release, calling in new goals with the fire ceremony, learning discipline and communication skills in a coaching circle, reveling in the fall colors, or laughing 'til you cry with new friends, this retreat is going to blow your mind 🤯and expand your heart 💖beyond anything you've ever experienced.

Here's what you'll walk away with by the end of our time together:

  • 👍Conscious discipline and communication for any aged child that really WORKS
  • 🔆A renewed sense of energy and hope for you and your child
  • 🎯Tools to keep you on track and feeling amazing long after you return home
  • 👭A new sisterhood of mothers who love you fiercely and make you laugh your ass off

It's time to take a few days for yourself for a mental refresh and reboot. For yourself. For your family.

Learn more about the retreat here.

❗Early bird pricing ends in August!
❗Only 3 spots remaining!
Snag your place now!

Not sure if this retreat is for you? Let's hop on a call and chat - here's the link to my calendar.