Kids Don't Come with a Manual

parent coach parenting parenting help May 14, 2024
Kids Don't Come with a Manual

Kids don't come with a manual.

How many times have you heard someone say this? We know it's not possible, but wouldn't it be nice if we could just look it up when we get stuck on a parenting question? 

My clients kind of can! One of the things you get when working with me is an actual book that helps you learn all the parenting skills and emotional management we work on in our sessions, step by step:

  • Module 1 - Family Foundation: Parenting & Mindset Fundamentals
  • Module 2 - Communication: Connect with your child
  • Module 3 - Customization: Boundaries that fit YOUR family
  • Module 4 - Leadership: Stop doing-it-all and start managing your family
  • Module 5 - Emotional Intelligence: Handling big feels (ours and our kids')
  • Module 6 - Leveling Up: Sibling, Partner, and Self Relationships

Your kid might not have come with a manual, but this is pretty damn close 😉

We cover all the everyday challenges of parenthood and prepare you for the unexpected stuff, too. Picky eaters, chores, smooth mornings, staying calm with your kiddo, getting kids to listen, easy bedtimes, sibling rivalry...we cover it all. No matter the parenting challenge, you don't have to wing it anymore! 

Most of us need help and support to walk this path, which is where I come in! You have me in your corner every step of the way with coaching calls and constant support whenever you have questions. The combination of learning skills, removing blocks, and getting coached all along… is magic, and it's as close to a manual as I can imagine. 

It's your time to figure this out.

I'm ready to help. Set up a free Discovery Call now: share your story with me, get my honest feedback, and learn how to REALLY be the 'perfect' parent you want to be. 

Also, if you do end up working with me, you'll begin to see that your kid actually did come with a manual—themselves. Your child is the manual on how to parent them. Working with me not only teaches you all the skills I just told you about, but it also teaches you how to read YOUR CHILD—the ultimate manual!

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