A Mess-Up that Looked Like a Win

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A Mess-Up that Looked Like a Win

Yesterday my daughter spilled nail polish across an antique rug and brand new couch.

😭 Not cool. 😠

Luckily, I was able to stay calm without raising my voice. I got her help in cleaning it up, and then I quietly said to her, “I feel really frustrated because you chose to do this project on special furniture, sitting on a special rug, against a brand new couch, without any protection.”

A great example of me nailing it in the momming, amiright? 


Watch this video to see

  • Why this was actually a mess-up and not a win,
  • What I wish I’d done instead, and
  • 2 keys to having this level of integrity and intuition in your parenting too.

The keys I talk about in this video are exactly what my clients and I are learning to do every day, and exactly what I will be uncovering and nurturing in all the moms attending the AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA retreat.

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P.P.S Want to see my ideal response written out? Here it is:

“I felt really frustrated when you chose to do this project in a way that didn’t protect my things because I thought it meant that you didn’t care about the hard work I do to make the house nice or the things that matter to me. I know that’s not really what it means. I will deal with those feelings on my own - they’re not your problem. I hope next time you’ll be more thoughtful about your projects to protect our stuff, not my feelings.”