How Do You Build a Strong Foundation

parenthood lessons parenting parenting plan Oct 19, 2022
A Strong Foundation

How Do You Build A Strong Foundation?

When dealing with misbehavior, do you feel the pull to make sure you’re teaching the big life lesson and not just handling this one situation?

We discussed this in the group coaching call a few weeks ago. See if these feel familiar:

⭐ Big sis nabs her brother’s phone charger when she can’t find hers. Mom says: “She needs to learn you can't just take people’s stuff!”

⭐ Kiddo forgets her water bottle at practice AGAIN. Mom: “When will she learn the value of the dollar?!?!”

⭐ Brothers complain about cleaning up the bathroom they trashed. Mom: “Where’s the respect for their home and the people they live with?!”

One mom shared that she KNOWS a lecture about life lessons always falls on deaf ears, but she just can’t stop herself.

“I’m trying to get them to see the bigger picture. A part of me needs them to learn the life lesson.”

So, here's the thing about life lessons: they are taught in tiny moments. Each moment with our kids is a little brick building a foundation of life lessons. Each brick we build without attention and presence comes out weak and crumbly, and that can create a wobbly foundation.

It’s crazy but true: fixating on the life lesson only gets in the way of teaching it!

How liberating! We don’t have to make every disciplinary situation into a TedTalk or epiphany for our kids - just stay present in the moment with boundaries, and the lessons take care of themselves.

⭐ Encourage little bro to tell big sis how he feels and find a new way to store his charger.

⭐ Pay for the next water bottle with the forgetful kiddo’s piggy bank.

⭐ Hang onto the video games until the bathroom is clean.

Simple, thoughtful presence in these parenting moments creates sturdy building blocks, and pretty soon, you’ve created a rock-solid foundation for your kiddo without ever having to get behind a podium or teach a philosophy class. Easy Peasy 😉

Except, not really, right? There’s a reason why this came up in our group - you can know what to do but still be totally stumped when you try to do it. That’s my job. It’s my job to help you learn what to do, remove the things that make it hard to follow through, and love you fiercely every step of the way. If you’re ready for that kind of accountability, education, and support, I’m ready for you. Set up a free Curiosity Call today, and let’s get started!