The Answer to Every Parenting Question

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Answer to Every Parenting Question

The Answer to Every Parenting Question - I am going to reveal my entire business to you right now. Yep - this message contains the answer to every single parenting dilemma, from tantrums to rule-breaking to heavy emotional moments. I teach these four things to my clients the minute we start working together, and every single thing you ever read, listen to, or learn from me involves this foundation. Ready?

The Answer to Every Parenting Question

  1. Your kid’s most lasting and profound learning comes from EXPERIENCES. This leads us to enforce boundaries with natural consequences instead of reminders, negotiations, yelling, or punishments.
  2. Your kid is seeking independence and CONTROL. Knowing this, we stop ordering our kids around and use parenting that encourages our kids’ autonomy and choice - cooperation increases.
  3. The only person we have the ability, or right, to control is OURSELVES. You already knew this, but I bet you try your damnedest to control your kid anyway sometimes, amiright? Focusing on how we respond to behavior instead of how to make the behavior stop minimizes power struggles and maximizes your sanity.
  4. NEUTRALITY is clutch. Lessons are lost when we’re amped up because kids focus on our intensity instead. When kids are amped up, their dysregulation blocks learning. Staying calm is the secret sauce to all parenting.

These principles lead to non-punitive, tuned-in, relationship-based parenting and its magic. Kids’ behavior improves, and parent-child relationships that most people think are impossible become the norm! 

If I teach this stuff on day 1, my clients must not need me anymore by day 2, right? 😜 This stuff is simple, but it ain’t easy on your own. So yeah, coaching with me lasts more than a day. Together, we make these things tangible and doable for you, remove the crap that gets in your way, and turn the skills that come from these concepts into a new way of being with your child. 

Sick of trying to figure this sh*t out alone?

I can help you! DIY is great for your kids’ school valentines, but not so great for raising a human. It’s time to book a Discovery Call. Tell me your struggles, share your goals, and get real, honest feedback that can change your life forever. Even if we don’t work together after our call, I guarantee you will walk away with something huge and actionable to implement immediately. Book it here.

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