...Because We Overcomplicate It

fall retreat parenthood lessons parenting parenting help Aug 31, 2022
Because We Overcomplicate It

Last week I sent out an email with the question,

Why can't sh*t be simple?

and I shared the chaos of organizing carpools for my messy family...just insane.

But why was that task so chaotic for me? It's easy to say - Ummm...hello?
4 kids + 3 carpool groups + 5 schools + 2 extracurriculars = complicated!!!

...Because We Overcomplicate It!

But truthfully, most parenting complications come from US and the way we see things. When we believe:

  • I'm all alone, and it's all on me
  • I don't deserve help, and I can't afford it
  • I'm not worth spending money, time or energy on.
  • I should have this figured out by now
  • I come last; helping myself is selfish
  • I don't want to look like I'm not pulling my weight or taking advantage of others
  • I don't have time to give myself
  • If I'm not doing everything, it all falls apart
  • No one wants to hear my sob story

No wonder things get complicated and overwhelming!

We end up not getting what we want and need. Worst of all - we don't even ASK for what we want and need. Life sure as sh*t ain't simple anymore!!!

What if you accepted the TRUTH, which is that you are more than worthy of investment, happiness, and ease? ...that you are wonderfully more than enough and that caring for yourself is a gift to everyone you touch? ...that vulnerably voicing what you want and need is exactly how you will receive it? ...and that stepping away so others can step up is not only OK, it helps the people you love? How much easier would this whole adulting thing be?

I know some of you are considering taking the leap of faith to believe all this and more by coming with me on the AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA retreat in October. What if making this decision is not actually complicated at all? What if it's SIMPLE, but you're making it complicated by believing a bunch of garbage about yourself and your possibilities?

You know how that carpool dilemma got simple for me?

I got vulnerable and asked for what I needed. I told all 3 groups that I was overwhelmed. I told them what was happening with all my kids (even those who weren't in that particular group) and what was happening with ME. And I told them what was reasonable for me to commit to and what I couldn't do. And guess what? Everyone teamed together, and we sorted the whole thing out in about 30 minutes. It was NOT complicated. It was OVERcomplicated by me and my silly brain. Done and done.

2 spots remain for the retreat. Click here to learn more and register. 

Done. And. Done.