Bedtime Battles

Mar 08, 2019

I recently did a post and weekly theme about sleep training (find that here). This is NOT about that. This week, I want to talk about behavior and routine at bedtime.

Because even when we've gone through the gauntlet of getting our kids to sleep through the night, any seasoned mom will tell you: that's just the beginning.

Thinking your bedtime challenges are behind you when your kid is sleeping all night is like thinking you'll never fight over food once your kid learns how to eat.

It ain't going down that way, mama. We've all fallen down the rabbit hole of second hugs, extra potty trips, water refills, lighting adjustments, and monster checks. Kids really know how to put us through the wringer when our energy is the lowest and we just want to be off the clock already!


So this week I'll be talking about the tips and tricks my clients and I use to make bedtime a smooth (and quick!) process. Make sure to check into the Facebook group to see those coaching videos. Want a sneak peek?


My biggest tip for a smooth bedtime is an easy, portable ritual. It doesn't have to have a lot of elements; in fact, just 1 thing is plenty. For example: my youngest son's ritual is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow (the Judy Garland version - Sorry but I really hate that Israel Kamakwiwo'ole version! - there; I said it).


That's it. That's the whole ritual. Pretty lame, huh? But, there's a second part to the ritual thing. Kids love it. Moms love it...but we are also smart like foxes.

When your kid loves something, that can be a powerful tool to foster internal motivation. The ritual is your foot in the door to easy bedtime transitions. Skye knows that mommy sings songs to kids who are ready for bed on time. He knows that if he's not ready by the time I get to his bed to sing, I'll have to use all my song-singing energy getting him into bed, and then I'll have none left over to use for singing. That's all he needs to know.

You know this; I'm not saying anything earth-shattering here (bedtime ritual? obviously!). But, if knowing it was enough, you wouldn't be reading a blog post about how to get rid of bedtime battles, and I wouldn't have a job. We need more than knowing (in fact, sometimes knowing is what sabotages us because we think we don't need any more help).

I am booked with clients and my classes are full because we need planning, accountability, and mindset work in addition to skills and information.

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