Let's Talk About Boundaries

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Let's Talk About Boundaries

"When we don't set boundaries, we behave as if having a relationship is more important than having a self."

Dr. Brad Reedy


The Truth is...

The truth is that, to some of us, having a relationship with our kids IS more important than having a self, and that is not great. Not great for us, and not great for our kids. 

This ends up looking like: a feeling that you've lost yourself in parenthood, you feel overwhelmed and unsure when parenting challenges arise, and your kiddo's behavior is all over the place. 

Boundaries Lead to a SELF

In this video I explain how, believe it or not, boundaries are actually the answer to all of this! Boundaries lead to a SELF, which leads to a strong relationship with your child and the ability to parent from that SELF.


Without boundaries, it all turns to mush. Your kids' behavior - mush. Your happiness and identity - mush. Your relationship with each other - mush.

Parenting from Our True Selves

Parenting from our true selves is the best gift we can give our child! But in order to parent from your true self, you must have a self, and that means deciding once and for all that your SELF is important.

Are you ready to make that choice and find that SELF again? The AWAKEN THE WISE MAMA retreat is the perfect opportunity to do just that - to connect to your inner wisdom and learn how to set boundaries so you can parent from that wisdom when you return home. 

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Set a boundary right now by booking this time for yourself no matter what, and take that first step toward a strong SELF and healthy relationship!