My Very Own Podcast: Confessions of a Parent Coach

parent coach parenting help podcasts Jun 06, 2023
My very own podcast: Confessions of a Parent Coach

I'm launching a podcast. How original! 

😳 As a person, I let it all hang out (sometimes…often, too much).

🤪 As a parent, I am never not screwing up (sometimes spectacularly).

😬 As a coach, I teach people to embrace screw-ups as the secret sauce to life (fail forward!)

😉 As a podcast junkie, I have learned some of my best lessons through my earbuds (like how to solve a murder - very handy)

Put this all together and it’s surprising that it’s taken me until now to create:

Confessions of a Parent Coach - the podcast where you get to learn parenting lessons from my blunders!

Each week I’ll confess something real from my own parenting and coaching life (surprise - I mess up on the reg) and use it to teach you something you can apply to your own parenting. And I wrap up each episode by answering a question from a listener, so you can ask me anything too (and yes, I’m currently collecting listener questions - just reply to this email and ask away)!

It’s a great way to get a little wind in your parenting sails from me each week (kind of like my emails, but for your ears). Each episode is short, not-so-sweet (you know me!) and actionable.

Ready to get some ear candy from me each week?

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