Helping Kids Connect The Dots

parenthood lessons parenting help parenting plan punishment Nov 30, 2021
Helping Kids Connect The Dots

Have you ever asked yourself the basic question:

What even IS discipline?

At the root, discipline is about helping kids connect the dots between the choices they make and the outcomes they create. For example: When I leave my shoes out, I don’t have them for next time.

The more linear that connection is (the fewer distractions and detours they have along the way) the faster they learn, and the sooner they make better choices.

But we are constantly distracting them and forcing them into complicated detours!

  • When we lose our temper
  • When we give a lecture
  • When we guilt trip
  • When we cave and give in
  • When we are inconsistent

These are all irresistible detours on your child's path to learning!

We want them to make a connection (leaving shoes out is a poor choice) so maybe next time they’ll choose differently. Instead, we create a ton of distracting emotions and confusion! They end up focused on what a jerk Mom is, how they are too stupid to do anything right, or why sometimes Dad is nice, but other times he screams his head off - what’s that about?

The “Maybe I’ll put my shoes away next time,” ah-ha is the last thing on their mind!

It’s like telling a kid to walk to school, but putting an ice cream truck in the way! They’ll probably never arrive at school at all, and if they do, they’ll be totally distracted from learning anything.

We need to stop tempting our kids away from their work with ice cream trucks!

That’s my job. It’s my job to teach you what that straight line from choice to outcome looks like (natural consequences with neutrality and love). And it’s my job to help you remove those distractions.

Having me in your corner can be the missing piece that finally makes it EASY for your child to connect the dots. Want to learn how this looks for your own unique family dynamics? Set up a free Discovery Call with me and find out!

Love, Ann