The Consistency Kids Need Is Not What You Think

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Consistency Kids Need

How many times have you heard it?

Kids need Consistency.

What leads to good behavior? ...Consistency.

The key to positive parent-child relationships? ...Consistency.

What’s wrong when kids are out of control? ...Lack of (you guessed it) consistency.

Consistently Consistent  

With all that consistency talk, it makes sense to worry about outside things making our kids’ lives, well, IN-consistent. And understandably, questions about consistency come up a lot inside my group program:

  • What if my partner and I don’t parent the same?
  • What if I am separated, and my child lives in two VERY different homes?
  • What if my babysitter/nanny/mother-in-law does things the opposite of me?

This week in our group call, a mama shared her worries about all the inconsistency between her and her ex’s houses. 

“Consistency is so important for my son, but now he won’t get it, and I can't change that.”

Relationship-based Parenting

Here’s where relationship-based parenting is a game changer - instead of looking at an inconsistent world spinning around us and our kids, we choose to focus on what is entirely in our control: how we relate to our kids. 

I asked her: “What does consistency mean in terms of your relationship with your child?” 

I watched the worry on her face dissolve as she said, “It means I can give him what he needs by being consistent in how I show up with him. That actually feels easy in a weird way!”

What if parental consistency simply meant reliability within ourselves and our relationship? Meaning what we say, saying what we mean, regulating our emotions, following through - not only is this more than enough - it is magic.

Here’s where I come in

- it’s my job to help you become that source of consistency for your child, to be the best parent you can be, and to create the relationship you want. 

Ready to learn more?

Set up a Discovery Call. Share your story and your goals. I’ll walk you through how I can help and exactly what it looks like to work with me in the group program, and together we will create your roadmap to consistency and stellar parenting.