Do you REALLY want things to change?

Feb 24, 2020

This morning, one of my favorite clients started her session by telling me, "My kids are a mess; they're fighting, being disrespectful, yelling, not doing their homework or chores...the wheels have come off!"


This is a mom who has worked with me for a few months, and her kids' behavior has already improved in all of the areas she complained about today...which is actually awesome.  Why? Because I know that this mom has already learned how to empower her kids to make good choices.  I don't actually need to teach her anything.  But then why is everything falling apart for her?


Human brains are so annoying sometimes.  We don’t learn a thing one time, then unwaveringly stick to it from that moment forward.  If that were true, you could just read a parenting book, have an ‘ah-ha’ moment, and live happily ever after.  But parenting isn’t a fairytale!


This mom ended up here by defaulting back to her old mindset and behaviors.  She implemented the new skills we learned at first, and they worked like a dream…then she took her eyes off the prize and here we are.  And we’re all just like her.


This is why I work with moms for at least 6 months.  Believe it or not, it would only take me about 1 month to teach you all the skills in my program.  And your family’s behavior and energy would change for that month…and that’s about it.  There’s a difference between being taught a thing, and actually learning it.

There’s a difference between being taught a thing, and actually learning it.

Real, lasting change comes from consistent work, screwing up over and over, and refusing to give up.  It’s more than just getting excited to change; you have to still want that change after it gets old and boring to keep working at it, after you’re straight-up PISSED because the same issue keeps coming up and sabotaging you.  


Transforming the vibe in your home is a marathon, not a sprint.


But, the thing that keeps my clients dedicated to getting back on the horse is the knowledge that they and their family are worth it; just like they’d never give up trying to heal their child if they were sick, the dedication to healing their family is just as inexhaustible.  This client was no different. We spent her session revisiting the skills and talking about what got her off track. She ended our meeting rededicated and energized to go mom the CRAP out of her kids, like she already had proven to herself she could.


I’m here to tell you that you CAN make change in your family.  If you’ve reached the point where you KNOW something has to change, and that staying where you are is no longer an option, I get it, big time. And I can help you make that change real, big and lasting.   When you’re ready to do this thing, book a discovery call with me and tell me about it.  I want to know about your challenges and the change you want to make, and I want to co-create a plan to make it happen.