Are You Being Gaslit by Other Grownups?

parent coach parenting parenting help Jan 19, 2023

Confession Time

So…when my son was about 16, he needed some pretty intense interventions to help him through a few of his adolescent years. If you read my stuff, you probably already know this, but what you might NOT know is this: 

I knew for over a year that something was really wrong. 

Why? One major cause for my procrastination was something that I bet has happened to you: 


No matter how off I felt things were with Elijah, every single adult in my life gaslit me about my son: his guidance counselor, teachers, therapist, my friends, my family…everybody: 

“Your kid is lying, smoking weed, and grouchy? He’s 15; what did you expect? It’s normal.”

Meanwhile, deep down, my mom-radar was screaming - this is definitely NOT normal!

This happens to parents all the time:

  • Your kid ruins every attempt to eat out? Welcome to motherhood.
  • Your house is always a disaster? That’s what you signed up for.
  • Your toddler throws tantrums 24/7? It’s the Terrible Twos - what can you do?
  • Your teen is lying and belligerent? That’s normal.

Nothing’s really wrong; it’s just in your head. 

If your gut is telling you something isn’t right - it ain’t. And you don’t have to wait until things are a ginormous disaster to finally let yourself believe that gut feeling. 

In my group program, we learn how to tune into that inner voice and parent from intuition instead of the external gaslighting and pressure around us. The result is massively improved behavior from your kids and, even more - a totally transformed level of confidence in yourself as a parent. 

If your intuition is telling you things could be better, reach out to make them better! Listen to and honor your intuition - schedule a Discovery Call and give voice to that inner knowing. Tell me what you think is off. Let’s figure out how to change it together.