Good Parenting: Everything You Need to Know

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Everything you need to know about good parenting in one sentence.

A client shared her fear around her daughter’s insecurity and introversion and her plans to do something about it. 

“I'm going to make her have kids over for playdates and join in at school. By forcing her to do new things, it will build confidence, and she’ll find things she enjoys. Otherwise, I’m afraid she will be depressed and struggle with confidence forever.” 

This mom’s plan might seem ok - activities and friendships make a big difference in mental health. But it will likely backfire because the driver behind it is fear. She’s afraid for her daughter, so of course, she wants to control the situation.

Our ego tells us that control will solve fear, but that never works because it blocks us from attuning to our kids and impedes them from forming a healthy attachment to us.

Here’s everything you need to know about good parenting in one sentence: 

The number one protective factor in childhood is a strong, healthy attachment to a parental figure, which comes from attuning to the child.

Everything else is just noise.

Watch this video to see this mom's new plan and why our session ended with her saying: “Screw the ego, I have my answer!” 

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