Is summer stressing you out?

Jun 16, 2021

Hey Parenting People!


Remember how summer felt when we were kids? Huge swaths of unstructured time...nonstop water shenanigans...popsicles...lazing around problems…

It’s shocking how easily summer can change from the best time ever, into a massive pain in the ass the second you have kids. Work and responsibility don’t stop for grownups!

Many of us spend the first weeks of summer trying to figure out how to continue to do what we need to do even though we have twice as much on our hands, totally failing, and feeling tons of stress, frustration and anger. Then comes the yelling and losing our temper...gosh ain’t summer grand?  

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years to make summer not only doable but so fun:

Take a cue from your kid: Summer is a blast for kids because they relax. They don’t have (or put) pressure on themselves to achieve, rush, or be the same as they are the rest of the year.  We can’t do it exactly like they do, but I have yet to meet the parent who can’t take it down a notch.  Here’s an example from my own life: I was planning to do a live training in July on communication tools to create a connected relationship with kids.  Then I realized I didn’t want to have extra work on my plate this summer.  So, you’ll have to wait for that awesome goodie cause imma be on my SUP instead ;) 

Surrender to Summer: Arguing with reality is the quickest way to lose your mind and act like an unhinged psycho.  Summer reality is that our kids are around more and life is less structured.  When I accept this and have realistic expectations, I am a lot less likely to snap.  Real-life example #2: I am writing this while my son is coloring next to me and periodically interrupting me.  During the rest of the year, I don’t set my time up this way and interruptions irritate me instantly. But because I decided when I sat down that this was shared time, it's no biggie.  

These things look great on paper, but maybe your head is swimming with ‘yeah-buts’ telling you this will never work, your kid is just too much, you don’t have the choice to take pressure off yourself, and you just KNOW it’s a matter of time before you blow a gasket and go ape-sh*t on your kids.  Am I right? 

If your biggest worry is how to keep your cool this summer (and I’m NOT talking about temperature!) I have a solution: MomCalm will teach you how to stop losing your temper, yelling at your kids, and feeling awful about it.  Snag it here and don't let stress and anger ruin summer!

And if you want to skip right to the part where I’m with you every step of the way and just fix this sh*t for you, I get that too! Set up a free Discovery Call here and we’ll get you sorted immediately. 


Love, Ann