Is Your Child Irrational? Or is it You?

parenting parenting help Apr 11, 2023
Is your child irrational or is it you

Is Your Child Irrational? Or is it You?

🤪 Have you ever watched a toddler ask for the yellow sippy cup, then throw a tantrum when they get it for no discernible reason? 

🤯 Or how about listening to a teenager’s hissy fit after getting the exact consequence they were told they’d get for breaking curfew? 

🤔 Or have you ever seen a 3rd grader rant for 30 minutes to avoid doing a chore that would have taken about 30 seconds to finish? 

Kids are nuts! And as a parent coach, this might be the top complaint my clients vent about. 

“My kid is so irrational. I would be able to deal with their behavior if they would just make some kind of sense! Their irrationality makes me lose my mind!”

Let’s think about this. The word rational means (I actually looked this up):

  • based on or in accordance with reason or logic.
  • able to think clearly, sensibly, and logically.
  • endowed with the capacity to reason.

Does that sound like any child you’ve ever met?

Children lack the capacity to reason and think clearly or logically. Even a teen’s brain doesn’t have the cognition to do this, let alone a toddler's! Rationality is not available to them yet, and won’t be for years! 

Yet we expect them to somehow approach their world like a mathematician. And when they act nutso, we try to fix it by…rationalizing with them! We explain, convince, defend, and argue… 

The only person behaving irrationally is US!

What would it be like to accept your child’s irrationality as normal and natural? How might you respond differently? How might you FEEL differently inside as you dealt with their behavior? 

It is possible to navigate kids’ nutty actions in ways that improve behavior without denying the reality of where they are in their development. A calm, loving intervention in the midst of pandemonium helps more than all the frustrated rationalizing and arguing ever can. 

Ready to learn?

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