Jackie O. Got It Wrong

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Jackie O. Got It Wrong

In parenting, we've been taught that failure is not an option and that letting ourselves off the hook is unacceptable. Jackie Kennedy herself famously said,

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much."

But it's such a setup!

We all definitely will bungle raising our children.

Sometimes, we think denying this fact and beating ourselves up for our bungles is the way to become better parents. But what is the use of our shame and denial? How does it serve our children, really?

When we feel ashamed and inadequate, we show up as preoccupied shadows of the parents we really are. Our shame distracts us from attuning to and responding healthily to our children. Instead, I wish that famous quote said something like,

"While you bungle raising your children, your efforts to improve matter the most."

Not quite as catchy, I guess. But far more helpful!

In our work together, my clients transform their parenting and their children's behavior in ways that are only possible when we face our fallibility with acceptance and let go of self-criticism, which is tough. The suspicion that beating ourselves up is the key to being a good parent is always tempting. Beyond learning new discipline skills and troubleshooting misbehaviors, this is our real work - the support and tools I give you to walk away from these old ways of thinking.

If you're ready for this, I am ready for you. Book a free Discovery Call now. You'll share your unique challenges, get my honest feedback, and walk away knowing exactly what to do next.

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