When Kids Have to Learn the Hard Way

parenthood lessons parenting parenting help Oct 14, 2022

"Why, oh why, do my kids have the learn everything the hard way!?!?!"

One of the most tortuous things we do as parents is watching our kids casually disregard all the hard-won wisdom we offer them and instead careen head-first into totally avoidable disasters. But biting your tongue and sitting on your hands are the most important parenting skills you can build. Why? Because there are 2 secrets that no one wants to tell you about the "hard way": 

1) The 'hard way' is the ONLY way, and 

2) The 'hard way' doesn't really have to be hard at all.

Watch this video to learn how to build the tongue-biting, hand-sitting skills that let you step back so your kid can step up, AND how to make it soooo much less painful while your kiddo learns things the hard way.

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