Kids Who Listen Event Announcement

co-parenting parenthood lessons parenting parenting authority parenting help roundtable workshop Mar 27, 2022

How amazing would it be to speak once to your child and have them not only listen but truly HEAR you?

Watch this video to learn about the incredible Kids Who Listen Roundtable happening in April.
This is an event unlike anything I've ever done before - forget everything you know about online learning and coaching!  This is not a webinar, training, or course. There are no slides or lectures; you are not going to be passively absorbing info from a talking head (aka me). 
Instead of all that, how about:
  • Actually, TALKING with me and your peers about this big topic?
  • Creating clarity and a plan to break your cycle of repeating yourself, being ignored, and losing your ever-loving mind? 
  • Becoming the parent who doesn't repeat themselves, who feels HEARD and valued, and who knows exactly what to do when things don't go the way they should?  
If this sounds like a 'HELL YES' to you, click here to learn more and register for this unique event.
Love, Ann